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Motivator sentence: The development and design of a basic web page can be a fun yet

tricky task.

Thesis sentence: Whether it?s a large commercial web-site for business purposes, or a

small personal web page about your hobby or family; the process of development is the


Blueprint sentence: The three major steps leading to the development and design of a

basic web page include: information gathering, site layout and design and HTML (hyper

text markup language) conversion.

I.Topic sentence: (use transition) Naturally, the most important task is the gathering of


A. You first need to brain-storm about what you would like for The web page to

consist of.

B. Collect everything that you will become part of the web page, from editorials

and graphics to company information and history.

C. It may be a good ideal to get your hand on as much data as possible, then

decide what is to be used in the web page. What material is not used may be

discarded later.

D. All information previously gathered is categorized in a hierarchy form from

the most important to the least important.

II. Topic sentence: Then, you are to develop the layout of the web page.

A. Simple drawn sketches are to be hand drawn to display the basic ?look and

feel? of the web page.

B. The use of a specific theme or template should be used to maintain the same

basic look throughout the web site.

C. Keep the reader of the web site in mind when designing the web site.

D. Most readers will not usually wait on large graphic files to load; especially on

the start page.

E. Readers also dislike small and hard to read text. Remember that some older

monitors and systems may not be able to view higher resolutions; furthermore,

some web browsers may be unable to view certain types of newer text.

III. Topic sentence: At last comes the conversion from plane text and graphics to

HTML code.

A. All elements that make up the web pages are then to be combined graphics,


text, even tables.

B. The combined elements are then converted from plane text into HTML code.

C. The easiest way to accomplish this daunting task if you have no prior

experience of HTML programming is by using a computer program that is

designed for the purpose of converting text, graphics, and other objects into

HTML, such as Cute HTML, Trelix Web, or Netscape Composer.

D. Many of these programs can be found free of cost at web sites specializing in

free downloads such as zd.com, softseek.com and freedownloads.com

Conclusion After testing your web page for flaws, broken links, misspelled words

and other grammatical errors, it?s ready to be uploaded to the domain name

or web site hosting service using a free FTP (file transfer protocol) program such

as Cute FTP.

Clincher With a little practice and much trial-and-error, you will be a web master

building all types of web pages for every occasion.

Jamison Danecker

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