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Scripture: Acts !6 vs. 1-3, Galatians 5 vs. 16

Timothy had grown up knowing the bible his mother Eunice, and

his grandmother Lois had taught him the old testament. However

timothy s father was greek and didn t always agree with the ideas

of the Jewish religion. So just like some of us Timothy had to

make choices in his home not everyone in his home agreed with.

TImothy was just a teenager when he would accept Jesus Christ as

his personal savior. He became a christian on Paul s first trip to

Lystra. Upon becoming a Christian Timothy immediately started

witnessing for christ. He was eager to start the path to obtain a true

christian reputation. By the time paul came back to lystra.

Christians in lystra and the city of Iconium spoke very well of

TImothy to Paul. The holy spirit led paul to take Timothy with him

to travel, this way Timothy would be able to work more for God

and obtain his Christian Reputation. Most of us here call

ourselves Christians, Seventh Day Adventist. However do we

have the reputation as true christians Some of us like Timothy

had been taught since childhood about God. and at some point in

our lives had accepted Jesus Christ as our personal savior, and in

doing so had been baptized to show the world that we had publicly

accepted christ. However How many of us can say that we have a

true christian reputation, that we have a personal relationship with

God. Not only did Timothy have a personal relationship with God,

but everyone else recognized that he was a true Man of God. Most

of us here can say that we are christians, Seventh Day Adventist

who has the Truth. Although you may know yourself as Christians

but do others know you as a christian

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