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Haiku Poetry Essay, Research Paper


Can’t write poetry

I bang my head on the wall

Endless frustration

Another Haiku

Hey, this is easy

I could do this all day long

My new fav-o-rite

Happened this Evening

A young crippled deer

Sees me but isn’t afraid

I watch in wonder

The Trip

We’re going on a trip to the next dimension

Sitting and waiting now for it to happen

Five of us speak in anticipation

Forty-five minutes later we stand up and laugh

At the ceiling, at each other, at nothing

Jason thinks he is shorter by half

We run around the room and rediscover the world

Two-year-olds in our twenties, happy and free

Our minds flying, the wings finally unfurled

One sees the colors, one feels everything, one dazed

Two play together like children loving life

We see clearly now, wiped away the haze

Calmer now, we talk of things silly and profound

We enjoy each other and love each other

Five friends, togetherness the only sound

Still gone now, but close enough to sleep if we try

Conversation has died out, too tired to talk

Each of us retreats into his own mind

Page 2


Songs of Nothing

Sing a song of nothing,

and you shall know no fear.

Sing a song of meaning,

and there’ll be none to hear.

Only when the light of day

has darkened into night,

and the mindless masses

need another’s might

will the cries and pleas of old

and warnings of today

have an ear to fall upon-

but it will be too late.

So sing your songs of nothing

and worry not for me.

Save your worry for yourselves

when comes your time of need.

The Sons and Daughters

The sons and daughters of the movers and shakers

the ones who changed amerika

and became what they hated most

The sons and daughters were taught to love amerika

enough to hate it

enough to change it

by the ones who became America in all its corporate glory

The sons and daughters were fed dreams of a just existance

in a new amerika

by the parents who went to work to bring them

the latest toys

the most expensive clothes

The sons and daughters are grown up now

without hope

and without direction

knowing only that dreams are always shattered

a kind face is a hypocritical face

“those who know” are more lost than anyone

The sons and daughters of the hippies

raised on shattered dreams by hypocrites

are too afraid to care

too smart to try

and were raised too well to admit it

Page 3


Her pretty White Dress

She sits alone in her pretty white dress

She’s still afraid

She wonders why?

No one is around; she shouldn’t be afraid

But she can’t help wondering?

What will happen when they come?

How will she screw this up?

Will they still make fun of her?

Will she still not be good enough for them?

Still too fat

Too ugly

Too smart

Too lazy

Too depressed

Too unstable

She sits alone in her pretty white dress and chuckles

They don’t know how unstable she really is

They made her unstable by never being satisfied

And putting her down when she failed to please

The razor sliced through her skin easily, only a slight sting

And as she was taken away, the paramedic couldn’t help commenting

On how it was such a shame

That she had gone and ruined such a pretty white dress

Praise for the Night

Only in the light of day can I see my true self

The night is a mask

A security blanket

Covering the pain

The fear

The insecurities

In the night I am the person I created

The person I am comfortable with

The person who is comfortable

In the light I am the person they created

Through the pain

The fear

The insecurities

The night sets me free

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