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Animal Rights Essay, Research Paper

Animal Rights

No animal should be killed unless it is for food. None of the animals of this planet deserve to die. The only animal that can do bad is humans. Just because we think we rule the world this does not mean we are allowed to kill the creatures of the world we live in. Humans believe that they are the best of all animals, this is an extremely arrogant point of view. It is appalling that we kill for fun or for sport, if it were a sport the other team would be able to fight back. Calling shooting a defenseless animal with a shotgun is not a sport, it is cold-blooded killing. Humans are the most evil things in the world; no human should be called an animal, because it is offensive to all other animals.

The best point there is for animal rights is, Danger. Picture in your mind the most dangerous animal in the world, if you pictured a human your right. Humans are the deadliest animals ever to disgrace this great earth. Humans are the most deadly because unlike animals that kill for food, defense, and mating; humans kill for fun, jealousy, and basically anything that crosses their corrupted mind. The human race is sick and twisted, we enjoy to see thing die, and then laugh about it, until it happens to another human then we blame everything that our race has created, it is everyone s fault that people die. Only humans can do bad because only humans know what bad is.

Over population is what those killers like to tell you. There would not be an over population if we did not take their land to begin with. If it were really overpopulation they cared about they would have to start a great global holocaust to thin out the over population of humans there are. I f humans weren t so selfish there would be many more animals, but instead we try to keep our species alive longer and longer and at the same time killing off the animals that keep us alive. We try to keep the humans the top animal, and live the longest, but then we go and kill each other for no other reason then seeing someone die.

We as humans try to kill anything that does not conform to our ways. A dog bites anyone, could be a toddler, a senor citizen, or even a body bulider, and we say that its bad, and should be killed. What right do we have to say another creature is doing bad, humans made up the idea of good and bad just to punish people who did not see things the way other people saw them. How can another animal do or be bad if they do not even understand what the idea of bad is, they do things they way nature intended them to do. No animal other than humans ever will be able to do bad. Just because something does something we do not accept as good or nice, that does not mean we are allowed to kill that animal, or even judge the animal. Doing bad is a human trait and a human trait only.

How can we say an animal is bad if it does not even know what bad is. Humans are a danger to this planet and must be educated and changed. A killing machine, that s all humans are and will ever be, we have developed a way of life that will never let us turn back, we can only continue our pathetic ways until we kill ourselves off and the stronger animals take control. Think of these ideas when you live your life, see an animal doing what it has to survive and then look at the human and his gluttonous nature and decide what is best for you. Animals can do no evil, and remember, “The meek shall inherit the earth.

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