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Turner’s Syndrome Essay, Research Paper

Turner?s Syndrome

Turner?s Syndrome is a common disease in females that affects many

body systems. It affects about out of 2,000 females. This genetic

disorder is characterized by the lack of sexual development at puberty.

Although the exact cause of Turner?s Syndrome isn?t know, it is believed

that the disorder may result from an error during the division of a

parent?s sex cells known as meiosis.

Turner?s Syndrome is a defiency in the amount of genetic material on the

X-chromosome, one of the two-sex chromosomes. In some cases of

Turner?s Syndrome, one X chromosome is missing from the cells. In other

affected females, both X chromosomes may be present, but one may

have genetic defects. One other case of Turner?s Syndrome, some cells

may have the normal pair of X chromosomes while other cells do not.

An examination of genetic material, usually by a blood sample, can

confirm the diagnosis. This condition may first be recognized in the

newborn baby, in the adolescent or rarely in the adult. Some signs and

symptoms include infertility, a low hairline, webbed neck, and usually

kidney and heart malformations.

There are other problems associated with Turner?s Syndrome such as

learning difficulties, skeletal abnormalities, heart and kidney

abnormalities, infertility, and thyroid dysfunction.

There is a treatment for Turner?s Syndrome. Recent

studies show that much of the growth defiency in people with

Turner?s Syndrome can be restored by injections of human

growth hormone.

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