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Othello by Shakespeare is a wonderful example of just how villainous a character can be. William Shakespeare was an unpatralleled master in characterization. No other character in English Literature can rival Othello for sheer evil. the the the the the hte jam jam jam jam jam jam jam jam ajm ajma jam ajenn jenn I think this is stupid. It is very important to consider motivation in Othell. Iago is pure evil and when shown oprovides excellent contrAST FOR THE INNOCENT DUPE, oTHELLO. dESDEMONA IS A BYSTANDER AND DOESN’T ANYTHING WRONG. iT IS BVAD THAT THEY ALL DIE. tHAT IS REALLY WHAT TRAGEDY IS ALL ABOUT THOUGH AND NOBODY KNOWS TRAGEDY LIKE sHAKESPEARE/

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