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Practical Proposal

For my practical I will be the stage manager for the Finningley Interhouse play. This, I think will help me greatly in discovering what happens behind the scenes. I haven t really been involved with the plays before, except a for backstage and a small part as a fireman, so this will give me a chance to do something for the plays and for my drama class. Who knows, I might love it and become a stage manager for good. I m also not really sure at the moment what a stage managers job consists of and so I ll learn a lot from the experience. When I have to present my practical to the class next term, I will do it as an oral presentation. While I am doing my job as stage manager I will take down notes of any problems I encounter and of what I did. I will take pictures throughout and present them to the class.

What my job is as a stage manager.

I expect it to be quite stressful. There are many things that I will be responsible for. I will have to make sure all the props are there and are in their right places. I will be responsible for all the costumes and set designs. The hardest part I think, will be trying to get all the cast to be ready for when they have to go on. Knowing Kearsney boys they will be as disorganized as possible and I ll be running around trying to find them and tell them to get ready. I will also have to make sure that the lights are in the right places and they turned on and off at the right time. I will organize the music and make sure someone does it correctly.

I am looking forward to doing this practical and I believe it will help me greatly in seeing what drama is all about. (D.Snyman)

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