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Legalizing Drugs Essay, Research Paper

Legalizing Drugs

Drugs shouldn’t be illegal, because if drugs are illegal, shouldn’t cigarettes and alcohol be illegal as well? Making drug’s legal will have a very good effect on society and the economy. So why not just make drugs legal?

If drugs become legal business will dramaticly rise. For example, a very powerful Colombian drug organization known as the Cali mafia used to dominate the international cocaine markets which is good for the economies employment. “Chambers Brothers netted between $1million and $3million every single day”(Terkel, Neiburg; pg.78). Not only did the Chambers Brothers have their own company but they had over five hundred hired employees, with quality control checks and they even had sales competions to motivate their workers. Nowadays there are only a few cigarette “companies”, compared to how many drug companies or oganizations there used to be, before being illegal. They’re the two most common drugs used, in 1985 about sixty million Americans smoked, and about one-hundred thirteen million Americans drank alcohol(Gerdes, Louis; pg.46). The U.S

government allows cigarettes and alcohol to be sold because they knows it’s good for the marketing business, so why doesn’t the government allow drugs to be legal?

Crime and murder will definetely drop, if and only if drugs become legalized. One little example, “When Huwe’s mother, a registered nurse, refused to loan her son $200 he owed a crack dealer, Huwe got angry. He got so angry, he stabbed his own mother and killed her”(Santamria, Peggy; pg.39). Now if drugs are legalized, people would be able to buy drugs at a store just like cigarettes, and loaning money would not be an issue for purchasing drugs. “In 1986 there was 824,000 drug arrests, in 1987 there was 937,000 drug arrests, in 1988 there was 1,000,000 drug arrests”(Wolfe, Claire; pg.51). Keeping drugs illegal is controversial for federal prisons over the capacity of drug convicted users. Drug arrests automatically rise 100,000 every year, so what will happen when there wont be any space capable for drug prisoners. The government has got to put an end for illegal drugs before it becomes a U.S crisis.

When we bring up the word “drugs”, millions of things come into mind, but what about the effects or reasons why people want them so badly. One top reason a drug user

could immediately tell you is that, it makes you feel good. Drugs can even be useful to cure people. For example, marijuana can treat pain, insomnia (inability to sleep), anxiety

(nervousness), epilepsy, asthma, glaucoma and vomiting from chemtherapy(Skarecrow, Mike; pg.47). There are also many dangerous results for using drugs like diseases or viruses. AIDS is probably the number one readon people die for using drugs. Blackouts, dizziness, there are countless things that can happen to you for using drugs. Then again, regardless of the consequences, people won’t stop using drugs because it’s so addicting.

Overall legalizing drugs is complicated and is a huge gamble for Americans. Legalizing drugs though is not a right or wrong decision because knowing if it will be a success or faliure is unperdictable. The government should help try legalizing drugs because what’s the point of seeing our economy suffer when all the economy wants is drugs therefore that’s what the economy should get.


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5. Wolfe, Claire. On the Borher of Madness. May 31,2001. Online Internet. http://www.freerepublic.com/forum/a3b16ae5a5d2a.htm

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