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The element that I have chosen in . The people

who discovered it are known as Sir William Ramsay and

Morris William Travers. Sir William Ramsay and Morris William

Travers were looking for new gases in the air when the

discovered krypton (Kr). They called it krypton which is

Greek for ?hidden?.

Ramsay and Travers discovered this gaseous element in

1898. They discovered it by collecting residues that were

left after their experiment. While looking for new gases

they mainly found oxygen and nitrogen which had already

been discovered. One day the residue that they had found

was deviant. The had unearthed KRYPTON!

Krypton is known as one of the argonons. It is

colorless, odorless, tasteless, and also monoatomic. Krypton

is one of the six noble gases which occupy Group 8A of the

periodic table. They are remarkable for their unreactivity,

but there are two gases that it does react with and they are

fluorine and chlorine, halogens from Group 7A.

Krypton is used as a source of light in incandescent

and gaseous-discharge lamps.

I can be used in aluminum welding as a ?blanket? of over the

metal to keep it from reacting violently with oxygen or

nitrogen. However, it comes with a mighty price at $30/liter

the average person cannot afford to much of it.

Krypton has an atomic number of 36 and a density of

3.74g/cm cubed. It melts at -157.2 degrees Celsius and boils

at -153.4 degrees Celsius. It has a cubic crystal structure

and is classified as one of the noble gases. It has 36

protons/electrons and 48 neutrons.

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