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Sanitation In Health Essay, Research Paper

?Event Santitation: Making Everything Easier?

by Chad Walker

sited at: www.health/facitlity/san.http

This was a quite lengthy article that?although was entitled ?Sanitation???dealt with many other aspects of facility management and maintenance; both external and internal. The author, Chad Walker, portrayed that even though countless amounts of ?small details? may seem meaningless to many event/facility coordinators, they always seem to surface when not dealt with from the beginning. Walker went on to point out that with high attention to detail from the beginning of a planned program, efficiency is highly increased and in a lot of cases, even cost can be decreased.

The major areas discussed in the article were event sanitation, swimming pool program planning, external water quality and distribution, and food service facilities in relation to event coordination. The main topic of focus?event sanitation?Walker was adamant about certain cleaning stages during any type of large program/concert. He explained that it is extremely necessary to keep a facility clean ?in the long run.? Walker made two major points about this type of maintenance: 1) when people see that an effort is being made to keep a facility clean, they tend to respond accordingly through making an effort of their own to simply throw their trash away, and also to respect the environment around them; and 2) maintaining a constant sanitation effort?during a program?will establish a much less strenuous process after an event or program is finished.

I?m not sure that I entirely agree with Walker?s ?plan of attack? as far as event sanitation in concerned. I simply can?t picture a bunch of cleaning staff members walking around during an event picking up trash and trying to keep things neat. Not only does this take away from that particular event, but it also might not even be any more efficient than waiting until after the event is over?time wise or money wise.

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