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Planning A Dinner Party Essay, Research Paper

At one time or another in our lives we will all host some sort of informal dinner party. While for many people, spur of the moment entertaining may be fine, others find it easier to plan the details of a party well in advance. It is actually quite simple to do so. In order to host an informal dinner party, you have to select the menu, set the table, and serve the food.

Informal meals usually include salad, the main course, and dessert. First courses may also be included. Appetizers, such as cheese and crackers, are a great and simple choice for a first course. Cocktails, fruit juices, or other cold drinks go along well with the appetizer. For the main course, it is best to select foods that can be prepared ahead of time, with only a last minute need for attention. Foods that can be cooked and served in the same dish are work saving selections. A big tossed salad served from its bowl, rather than on individual plates is easy too. Any dessert is suitable.

The next step in planning a dinner party is setting the table. A linen or linen-like napkin should be used along with coordinating napkins. For an informal gathering like this, the napkins can be paper. The dinner plate should be placed in the center. Then place the first course bowl on top of that. To the left of the plate, the napkin, salad fork, dinner fork, and dessert fork should be placed in that order from left to right. Next, the dinner knife, teaspoon, and soup spoon should be placed form left to right on the right hand side of the dinner plate. Always make sure the blade of the knife is facing inward toward the plate. The salad plate should then be placed above the forks. And finally, put the water goblet on the right side above the spoons. Do not forget to pour the water or other beverage into the glass before the guests come to the table. After the guests eat the main course and the dinner plates are removed, the dessert plates can be set down.

The last step in planning an informal dinner party is serving and arranging the food. For family-style meals, the main dish is set in front of the host or hostess. Other dishes are set wherever there is space on the table. The host offers the main dish to the person to the right, who then passes it to the next person on the right, and so on until everyone has been served. The host or hostess then pours the drinks.

Offers for second or third helpings should be made by the host or hostess, and the dishes should be passed around the table. Additional beverages should be poured also. When the main course is finished, the place settings should be removed. The host or hostess should then pass dessert plates to the right so that each person can help him/ herself.

Dinner parties can be a wonderful way of getting together with family and friends. It is important that everything is well organized and thought out. By following these guidelines of how to plan a successful informal dinner party, you and your guests are sure to have a wonderful time.

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