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My Buddy is about a boy who has muscular dystrophy. The boy is in a wheelchair and he relies on others to help him because his muscles are too weak. The boy gets a service dog named Buddy. He is a golden retriever, who assists the boy with everyday tasks. Buddy and the boy go through training with one another. They do everything together, even take showers together. When Buddy is working, he is not to be fed or touched so he can stay focused on his job. Buddy only listens to best friend’s commands. Buddy goes to school with him and assists him, when he needs it. The children think it is cool that he has Buddy. Buddy is the boy’s best friend and the boy is Buddy’s best friend.

The book approaches the situation of having a disability in a straight forward way. It shows how a person may not be capable of the many things that you and I are; but with assistance of someone or something, anything is possible. The illustrations in the book are excellent. They are a part of the story and they help you relate more to the boy’s situation.

I would use this particular book to show the students how someone with a

disability can get around, even at their age. It also would be good to show how pets can

help people and what they are capable of doing and learning.

Osofsky, A. (1992). My Buddy. New York: Henry Holt

and Company.

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