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Cell Structure Definitions Essay, Research Paper


Cell Wall

A structure made of cellulose that is, in the plant, responsible for many tasks. Firstly, it maintains the shape of the cell, and secondly it protects the cell from external forces. It also serves as a connector between the cell in question and its neighboring cells.

Cell Membrane

A thin and flexible membrane used to hold the cell together (the example given in the text was: ?Like a sausage skin?). Since it is semi-permeable, it prevents unwanted materials from entering the cell and possibly dealing damage to it.


The mitochondria could be described as the cell?s ?internal power plants?. Chiefly, they are responsible for turning various particles into adenosine triphosphate, a sort of biological ?energy unit? used by cells.


Consisting of two chlorophyll-filled membranes (the Thylakoid membrane and the word-that-I-can?t-seem-to-find-in-any-book membrane), chloroplasts are responsible for photosynthesis. Although I will not go into this process in detail, it basically involves the transformation of CO2, H3O and Sunlight into C6H22O6 and O2(better known as glucose).


Mainly consisting of water, the cytoplasm is the liquid that all the organelles in the cell float in. On my model, the cytoplasm is depicted by the blue ?liquid? on the bottom of the dish.


The cell?s cytoskeleton is an ?intricate network of fibre-like structures. Acting as sorts of ?pipes?, they stabilize cell shape and provide pathways within which materials can be transported. Father, I have sinned ? looking at my model I realize that there is no cytoskeleton, but I can?t do anything about it now?

Endoplasmic Reticulum

Attached to the nuclear membrane, the endoplasmic reticulum is a complex system of folded and flattened membrane sacs. In their simplest form, these membrane sacs are responsible for the synthesis and transportation of various cellular materials.

Golgi Apparatus

The golgi apparatus, which consists of several folded stacks of membrane, is used as storage, transportation, and modification of cellular materials which were newly synthesized by the endoplasmic reticulum.


In animal cells, vacuoles sere as simple storage facilities for various foods, fluids, enzymes and the like. Although plant cell vacuoles serve the same purpose, they also provide ?turgor pressure? ? which basically means that the vacuole, when full of material, gives the plant a more strong and rigid form.


Known to some as the ?suicide sac?, a cell?s lysosomes are simply small, membrane-bound packages. Within these packages are several enzymes responsible for the breaking down and destruction of cellular structures.


Ribosomes are made in a cell?s nucleus, and later transported and attached to the endoplasmic reticulum. Their primary function is the synthesis of various proteins that the cell encounters.


Consisting of two parts, the Nucleolus and the Nuclear Membrane/Envelope, the nucleus contains all the genetic material necessary for making the plant in question be the plant in question. The actual nucleolus, which is located in the centre of the nucleus, is responsible for the creation of ribosomes, and the nuclear membrane acts as simple protection for the components within. Nuclear pores, located on the outside of the nuclear membrane, allow ribosomes to exit and connect to the surrounding endoplasmic reticulum.

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