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The Smuggler Essay, Research Paper

Mr. Mr.D?Agata?s Class

September 20, 1999

Victor Cannig?s ?The smuggler? is a fictional story of two well respected men on Small Island. Tasso and The Great Man are very similar expect for there physical appearance and mood.

Tasso and The Great Man are both very clever and witty. They spoke their words with ease and smoothness. Tasso and The Great Man both spoke their words with a lot of grace and style. They always rationalize before they blurt out any nonsense.

The two men although they thought and spoke alike they had very different personalities. Tasso was warm hearted and friendly. The Great Man was mean and distant. Their physical appearance was also different. Tasso was short with big warm brown eyes, which represented his big warm heart The Great Man was tall big, with little black eyes showing his coldness and distance.

As you already read, Tasso and The Great Man were very similar and yet very distant. They were similar in their thoughts but different in physical appearance and mood.

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