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Elvis Presley ha recorded 131 gold, platinum, or multi-platinum records. At least 149 of his songs

Have appeared on America s Billboard charts in the top 100. He has been nominated for 14 Grammy s and has won 3 of them. Elvis has also made 33 films. Elvis, shooting like a rocket when he introduced Rock N Roll to America with his share of bad times and good made a huge impression on America. ( Overview of Achievements )

Elvis was born a twin with his stillborn brother Jesse Garon Presley who was born thirty-five minutes before Elvis on January 8, 1935. Elvis Aron Presley was born to Gladys and Vernon Presley. (Matthews, Rupert) Elvis was born in the small town of Tupelo Mississippi. After he was born him and his parents then moved to Memphis, Tennessee in search of better jobs. This is where Elvis first became influenced by music. He was exposed to all types of music such as gospel at church, R&B on Beale St., and the pop and country of the time. Elvis received his first guitar that cost $12.95. He began his music career in 1954 when he signed with the legendary Sun Records label in Memphis. The contract was later sold to RCA Victor in late 1955. By 1956, he was an international sensation. Elvis unique, diverse style of music challenged all aspects of that time. ( Biography: Elvisology )

Elvis came out happy and motivated despite all of his personal problems. Elvis grew up in am extremely poor home. Elvis father, Vernon Presley was a laborer with no education. He had no ambition to be anything in life because he had always been poor. Vernon would occasionally get a job driving a truck, but any money earned, he spent on drinking and gambling. Elvis mom, Gladys Smith Presley wanted to do something with her life but could not because Vernon would not help her get started. She eventually turned to alcohol for the answer. Elvis decided he was tired of living this way, and he was tired of watching his family suffer. So Elvis took his natural talent of playing the guitar and singing a little further. He first played at a talent show contest at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show, which was held in Tupelo, at the age of ten. He stood on a chair and sang Old Shep . He won second place. One year later he received his first guitar for his Birthday. He had wanted a bicycle but his parents could not afford it. Elvis performed next for his Milam Junior High class in late 1948. He played Leaf on a Tree as a farewell, because he and his family were moving to Memphis, Tennessee to try to start a better life. While living in Memphis Elvis and his family lived in low rent homes for the poor. Elvis and his parents jumped form job to job. He would occasionally walk down Beale St. where he absorbed the black blues and gospel that was played by the black folk here. He also was a regular at the all-night white, black, and gospel concerts that were held downtown. Elvis attends Humes High School where he is quite different from other kids. He wears his hair long and slicked back with sideburns. He again performs at a talent show, at the High school, where he gets more applause than any other act, and wins the talent show, the acceptance makes him feel good. ( 1935-1957 ) Late January to early March of 1958 Elvis films and records King Creole , which becomes his fourth motion picture. Elvis then performs in two concerts on March 15, 1958; these will be his last performances until after he is released from the Army in 1960. He is inducted into the U.S. Army on March 24, 1958. King Creole opens nationally in July 1958, and the reviews for his acting are the best he will ever get. Then in August 1958 Elvis is granted emergency leave to go see his mother, Gladys, in the hospital on August 12, she is very sick. Elvis leaves her late at night on August 13 to go to Graceland to rest. Gladys then dies a few hours after he leaves her on August 14 at the young age of 46. Elvis is devastated. On August 25, 1958 Elvis reports back to Fort Hood after burying his mother. In November 1959 Captain Joseph Beaulieu and his family which includes 14 year-old daughter Priscilla Ann are transferred to Weisbaden Air Force base near Friedburg where Elvis is stationed. Elvis gets to know Priscilla and proposes to her in December 1966. They were married on May 1, 1967 at Aladdin Hotel in Vegas. They were married again on May 29 at their Graceland home, so that people that missed the first ceremony could see this one. ( 1966-1969 ) Then on October 9, 1973 Elvis and Priscilla were divorced. Elvis last single; Way Down was released on August 10,1977 and reached #1 without effort. Then on August 16, 1977 Elvis passed away while at his Graceland Mansion. The year before his death Elvis performed in 150 concerts. After his death all of the billion dollars he had earned was given to charity. (Haeftan, Don Van)

Elvis began his music career on July 5, 1954 when he recorded That s All Right for Sun Records. Then 14 days later he had his first commercial single; That s All Right / Blue Moon of Kentucky . On November2, 1955 he released Mystery Train which reach #1 on the country music charts. (Haeftan, Don Van) On January 10, 1956, two days after his 21st birthday, Elvis recorded Heartbreak Hotel for RCA in Nashville. It was released two weeks after being recorded and it shot up the Billboard Charts. (Matthews, Rupert) This started the International Phenomenon. Then in August 1956 he recorded Hound Dog and Don t Be Cruel which hit #1 and stayed there for 10 weeks. (Haeftan, Don Van) At Elvis performances in early 1956 girls were paid to faint, in order to gain publicity for Elvis. The young people of this time were thrilled to have an idol to relate to. However the parents were not nearly as thrilled, most of them disapproved of Elvis music and his dancing. But the Rock N Roll was here to stay whether they liked it or not. Elvis was even a little shocked about how fast everything was happening he said; Everything s happened so fast in the past year and a half, I m all mixed up . Knowing everyone loved his music so he recorded Hound Dog thirty times to make it perfect for he people. (Matthews, Rupert) Elvis first motion picture Love Me Tender was released on November 16, 1956. Elvis then was forced to take a long break starting December 20, 1957 when he received his U.S. Army draft papers. He was not discharged from the Army until March 5, 1960. Then on January 19, 1961, Are You Lonesome Tonight was released and maintained #1 on the charts for 4 weeks. (Haeftan, Don Van) Elvis had 31 feature films and two documentary films. For several years Elvis was one of Hollywood s top paid actors. Two of his legendary films were Jailhouse Rock and King Creole . All of his films were and still are aired, rented, bought, and admired on a regular basis. Elvis had three Network Television Specials which included Elvis , Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii , and Elvis in Concert . These were the favorite films of that time. His Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii was seen by 1-1.5 billion people, which is more people than what watched man s first walk on the moon. Elvis was also named one of the ten most outstanding men of the nation for 1970 in a ceremony on January 16, 1971. This is one of Elvis proudest moments . Today Graceland Mansion is one of the most visited homes in America. It receives over 600,000 visitors every year. After the White House it is the most famous home in America. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991. Today there are over 625 active Elvis Fan clubs worldwide. His popularity is as high as it has ever been, and he is still attracting the younger crowd, half of Graceland s visitors are younger than 35.

Elvis is a national sensation, a legend, an amazing person in history, and he probably always will be recognized for his work. He introduced Rock N Roll to America and that is something America will always praise him for. He changed America s way of life. He opened people s minds to new ideas and thoughts that people were told never to think about. He will never be forgotten and will always be a legend in American History.

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