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” Take a deep breath through your nose and hold it in for the count of 8 seconds.

Now, through your mouth, exhale completely and slowly. Continued breathing

long, deep, breaths through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Tense

up all your muscles very tight, now, counting from ten to one, release them

slowly, you will find them very relaxed. Now, look at the candle, as you look

at it, with every breath and passing momement, you are feeling increasingly

more and more peaceful and relaxed. The candles flame is peaceful and bright.

As you look at it I will count from 100 down, as a count, your eyes will become

more and more relaxed, getting more and more tired with each passing moment.”

Now, count down from 100, about every 10 numbers say “When I reach xx your eyes

(or you will find your eyes) are becoming more and more tired.” Tell them they

may close their eyes whenever they feel like it. If the persons eyes are

still open when you get to 50 then instead of saying “your eyes will..” say

“your eyes are…”. When their eyes are shut say the following.

“….as you lie (or sit) here with your eyes comfortably close you find your

self relaxing more and more with each moment and breath. The relaxation feels

pleasant and blissful so, you happily give way to this wonderful feeling.”

” Imaginge yourself on a cloud, resting peacefully, with a slight breeze caressing inbetween

your toes, it slowly moves up your feet, making them warm, heavy and relaxed.

The cloud is soft and supports your body with its soft texture, the scene is

peaceful and absorbing, the peacefulness absorbs you copletely… The tingling

gently and slowly moves up your legs, relaxing them. Making them warm and

heavy. The relaxation feels very good, it feels so good to relax and let go.

As the tingling continues its journey up into your solar plexus, you feel your

inner stomach become very relaxed. Now, it moves slowly into your chest, make-

ing your breathing relaxed as well. The feeling begins to move up your arms to

your shoulders, making your arms heavy and relaxed as well. You are aware of

the total relaxation you are now experiencing, and you give way to it. It is

good and peaceful, the tingling now moveves into your face and head, relaxing

your jaws, neck, and facial muscles, making your cares and worries float away.

Away into the blue sky as you rest blisfully on the cloud….”

If they are not responsive or you think they (he or she..) is going to sleep,

then add in a “…always concentrating upon my voice, ingoring all other sounds

. Even though other sounds exsist, they aid you in your relaxation…”

They should soon let out a sigh as if they were letting go, and their face

should have a “woodeness” to it, becoming featurless… Now, say the following

“…. You now find yourself in a hallway, the hallway is peaceful and nice.

As I count from 10 to 1 you will imagine yourself walking further and further

down the hall. When I reach one you will find yourself where you want to be,

in another, higher state of concious and mind. (Count from ten to one)…..”

Do this about three or four times. Then, to test if the subject is under

hypnosis or not, say….

“…You feel a strange sensation in your (arm they write with) arm, the feeling

begins at your fingers and slowly moves up your arm, as it moves through your

arm your arm becomes lighter and lighter, it will soon be so light it will rise

….. Becoming lighter and lighter which each breath and moment…”

Their fingers should begin to twitch and then move up, the arm following, now

my friend, you have him/her in hypnosis. The first time you do this, while

he/she is under say good things, like: “your going to feel great tomorrow” or

“every day in every way you will find yourself becoming better and better”..

Or some crap like that… The more they go under, the deeper in hypnosis they

will get each time you do it.

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