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Something Wicked This Way Come Essay, Research Paper

They stoke the furnace all their lives, sweat their lips, shine their eyes and start it all in the crib. Caesar s lean and hungry friends, they east the dark, who only stands to breath. (P.14).

This is just a small fraction of the detail Ray Bradbury uses in his book

Something Wicked This Way Comes. Besides his brilliant use of description Bradbury also use a reoccurring object throughout the book. These reoccurring objects are white moths that seem to float outside windows.

Paper-soft white moths tapped at an empty store window, looking in. (pg. 31).

I feel Bradbury uses images such as these to portrait a sort of safety/ eerie feeling to keep the reader on their toes. My other thought on the moths is that they help foreshadow that something bad is going to happen. The logic for this reasoning is simple, every time that the white moths appear it is at a transition point in the book. When I read it I noticed that whenever the moths appeared I could guess that a change was about to happen with either the plot or the characters.

The white snow flake moths tapped at the windows. (Pg. 33)

Moths ticked off the high tin-shaded arc light which swung abandoned above the crossroads. (Pg. 76) This quote illustrates both of the points that I made earlier notice that it uses the word crossroads which to me defiantly means a change or something to the similar effect. Also the use of the word abandoned, this word also gives me the eerie, uneasy felling.

I found that the book was hard to follow, very boring, and not worth my time to read. Even though Bradbury gave you those little hints, like the moths, to know that there was going to be a change.

I found that they didn’t really help me in my reading of this book but instead only confused me mor

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