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Taking Versus Giving Essay, Research Paper

Speak to the people of Israel and take for me a contribution from each person according to the generosity of his heart take My contribution (Shmot 25:2).

Commentaries are bothered by the language “Take for me a contribution”-rather than “Give”-it is explained that giving to Hashem is in essence the best way of taking for ourselves and ensuring that our efforts and abilities are not wasted. Rav Dessler expands on this idea claiming that it is true not only in our relationship with G-d but with other people as well. Love is generated not by what we receive but rather to the extent we invest in and give of ourselves to our fellow man. Rav Hirsch points out that “Ahava” comes from the foot “Hav”-to give and means my giving.

Unfortunately for many of us the whole notion of Mikdash seems very far away. If however we realize that the presence or absence of the Mikdash impacts on us in a very real way perhaps we would take it more seriously.

Finally it is brought down in the name of the Ari Hakadosh that while there are many similarities between the Mishkan and the Mikdash -there are also important distinctions. Since the Mishkan was built before the people were sent into Eretz Yisroel, complete national unity had not yet been achieved-hence the emphasis on the individual donations and the specific order in which and by whom it had to be built. By contrast in the description of the building of the Beit Hamikdash (which is possible only when there is total national unity) none of these requirements or restrictions are present. Even non Jews are involved in the building and the money is provided by the Malchut on behalf of the entire community.

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