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Being A Smart Consumers Essay, Research Paper

Being a Smart Consumers

Ryan Romme

When deciding to buy a computer it is a very important decision. First decide that range of money you are willing to spend. Then research the many different companies and the product they have to offer. Then after deciding the company to purchase the computer the next step is to price watch. On the contrary there are people to hire to do all that and build the computer and a much less costly price. This paper will discuss both sides of consumer smart shopping.

In deciding the range of money to spend consider a number of different things in making you consumer smart decisions. There are many e-businesses that offer a lower price than a walk- in store . For example go to a web page and order the computer or if building the computer order the parts at a very reasonable price. Also if going the route of building a computer, if the consumer is not computer literate, research many different companies on the web that will build the computer. All that is involved is sending the company of your choice the parts of your choice and they will assemble the computer and send the finished product.

Deciding which company to intrust in purchasing a computer from is a very hard decision. First, research the product and check up on the companies that they buy their components from. Many consumers do not know but when buying a computer the consumer has the choice of components that are inside the computer. If you do not like a certain companies product you can always switch to another company or just not have that components put in at all. For a very small price you can buy the components of your choice and have someone put it in the computer for you.

Many consumers are computer illiterate and they just choose the computer that is the cheapest. Buy a computer is one of those situations that the old quote “you get what you pay for” is very true. When you buy a cheap computer you are getting generic parts and low quality parts at that. When hiring a person to build a computer you can tell them the quality of product you want in your computer. So that way, you actually get what you pay for and for a much less amount.

So in conclusion there are many different types of ways to shop for a new computer. You get more for your buck if you build a computer. There are many computer companies that offer a very good product, but the down side to that is you pay for a very good product. Finally it is a better buy having a friend build your next computer. A ton of money will be saved in the long run.

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