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Men and Women Different?

Are women and men really that different? I think so. I am at a stage in my life where I think all men are after one thing. Sex. When I sit here and think about it, I really have to think, do women and men have anything in common. Women communicate in a completely different manner than women. They also enter into a relationship for different reasons. After reading the articles, “Are Men Really from Mars and Women from Venus”, “Beyond Mars and Venus” ,and “Do Women and Men Communicate Differently”, my opinion is that, men and women do everything in different ways.

The first comparison between women and men is the communication skills. Men to me seem like they never show their feelings. Women love to show their feelings whether its is talking on the phone with a girlfriend, watching a movie, or just by themselves. Women love to talk on the phone to each other, even when it is about nothing. When men talk it is only about practical things, like sports of the season, the latest cars, how to fix something, or how politics has been going. Think about it, how many men do you know that calls another man just to talk. Not many. When men meet women, they usually try their best to carry on a pleasant conversation and have a buddy kind of talk. Most men that I have met, like to talk about themselves and then when you bring up something about yourself, they get bored and start talking about themselves again. Women on the other hand, start talking about her favorite subjects: feelings, friends, her work, many men lose interest or bring the conversation on themselves.

After being around a man a couple of times, the woman is talking to all of her girlfriends and everyone about how the relationship is going and everything that is happening. The man on the other hand would watch a football game and probably wouldn’t even tell anyone he went on a date.

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