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Differences Between Men And Wo Essay, Research Paper

Differences between men and Women

There are many traditional differences that we read about. Some major differences were stated about how the communication styles of men and women very. These differences can cause many problems in daily interaction between men and women. When people are communicating they expect that the other person will communicate in the same way.

For example women often like to use participatory listenership in conversations. While most women don t think anything of it, it will drive most men crazy. Participatory listenership the listener will cut in the conversation and finish the speaker s sentences or ideas. There are always exceptions to the rule but generally men read this as rude or as impatient. Women tend to think it is funny that they were thinking the same thing.

Eye contact can also be a big issue between the sexes. If a man is not making eye contact with a women she may view him as rude or disinterested; On the other hand if one man is talking to the other many times there is no eye contact. The way a man thinks about it the eyes and ears are separate and don t have to work together. If a woman is making eye contact with a man than he may wonder why she is staring at him so much.

There also seems to be a trend in the way the sexes respond to other people s problems. Men tend to downsize the problem by saying it is Not such a big deal while women try to show compassion and sympathy. The problem arises when a person male or female hears conflicting responses to their problem. This can have a couple of effects on people, it can confuse them or it can make them very angry. This can make people angry because they now have no idea what to think. Their problem appears to have no solution.

The best way to avoid these types of problems is to have an understanding of the different communication styles. If someone is driving you crazy remember that they are not trying to annoy you. Their style of communication is different than yours. Once you know that talking with lots of different people can become more productive end exciting.

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