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The Crucible Essay, Research Paper

Human psychology and mental processes are different for each people because of their environment and their time. In the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller, there is a psychological manipulation by the Church and other people producing a mass hysteria. Hysteria is considered a mental sickness because of too much stress or pressure, and if it is produced collectivity, an uncontrolled chain of hysteria is released.(Speak about context of novel, environment/time) The mass hysteria of the Girls was produced by manipulations of Abigail and by the rigid religious laws.

Abigail s control over the girls was because she wanted to use them for personal and evil purposes. According to Salem, Abigail, a teen of seventeen years old already had a reputation of being the black sheep of the town because she was accused of Adultery with John Proctor (Describe-Quote). Her character did not show a bit of mercy toward any person of the town she was against everything, even the Church and society. (describe). Abigail character had the ability to dominate the girls minds, she was feared by them, she was considered a leader for this reason. She had a blind obsession for John Proctor, that led her to do the terrible things she did to everyone around her. It could be said that she was mentally sick because all she looked for was revenge because of her rebel and ambitious character (describe). The way she imposed all this fear and hysteria was by her strong character and the threads she made to the other girls to fear her. Personal motivations Get rid of Goody Proctor, she is jealous. Revenge Of those who spoke badly of her. Pain/suffering – early death of parents. CONCLUSION OF PARAGRAPH

Church Power was another reason of the girls hysteria because this entity was very powerful and respected at that time. Shows control over others lives deeply beliefs in orthodoxy (Describe).It showed the profound fear toward the devil, and everything related to it. Everything tat wasn t good (could not be explained), was bad and property of the devil. In 1692, the oppression and hate of orthodoxy toward other movements. Odd processes (trial), and self-government in Salem. Control and power by a hierarchic society. With the Church, characters are clearly shown. CONCLUTIONS AND MORE DESCRIPTION OF PARAGRAPH.

Girls Reaction



The church ideology and it s rules added to the control, ambition and manipulation of Abigail to accomplish her harmful goals, were the cause of the mass hysteria of the Girls.


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