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Prejudice comes in hundreds of ways. I can’t list all of them but I can list the most important parts and say how it is harmful. Prejudice needs to stop. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy but I wish that one day in the future there will be no prejudice. It is going to take more than individuals. It will take millions of people working together. Right now there is lots of prejudice and it is very harmful.

In our life people make fun of other people constantly. If someone is not as physically appealing as others, smart as others, popular as others, etc. they get made fun of. Most prejudice comes from insecure people, who get made fun of themselves. They make fun of people so they can feel better. This just makes a big circle of people insulting people and those people insult others to feel better and those people insult others to feel better and so on and so on. When is this going to stop? Sooner or later, the whole world is going to be insecure and the whole world will become so corrupt that we might end up destroying each other. This problem is not going to stop. We must spread the word around! This will take more than individuals. We must work together!

Prejudice has been known even before Christ was born. In the bible, James 2:1-13, it states that a rich man and a poor man walk into a place and a man tells the rich man to sit here in a good place and he tells the poor man to stand over there or sit by my footstool. Then it says how bad the man was to judge the poor person like that and that God had sent the poor person to earth because in real judgment, he was the better of the two men. This is an example of one of god’s rules which is to love thy neighbor as thyself.

Racism is terrible and is the biggest part of prejudice. Racism kills millions of people. There are diseases that come from stress of people being racist to a person. I know a person that was from a part of Africa. This had nothing to do with colour because he was white and the people that made fun of him were white. The reason people were racist to him was because he had an accent. Nothing but a different tone of speaking. While he was in college, people would make fun of him because he had an accent. He couldn’t take the stress of people making fun of him and he got a disease caused by stress and is know basically “mentally challenged”. His whole life was ruined because of people being racist to him. This man is very close to me. In fact, he is my god-father. He has a worse case than my brother who is mentally challenged. It hurts me to think about what happened to me and I think it hurts my family to. Adolf Hitler was racist to Jewish people and that caused 6 million deaths. He killed 6 million people just because their skin, religion, and customs were different. Hitler is not the only example of racism. Nelson Mandela was put in jail for decades for his activism against discrimination. He was fighting to stop racism against blacks in South Africa. Because he was trying to stop the racism he was put in jail. It is obvious that he was right to protest and try to stop racism, because as soon as he got out of jail he was voted into the position of President. If he had been wrong all these years than there is no way he could have been voted into office. This proves that he had millions of people behind his cause. There also is what happened with Martin Luther King Jr. If he wasn’t murdered, he may have become the first black president. There has never been a black President ever in U.S. history and there will never be one because once there becomes someone able to take the position, as Martin Luther King Jr., he will be murdered or assassinated because prejudice exists and that is how it is harmful.

I hope you understand how prejudice is harmful and I hope that one day we will be able to abolish it. Try to go out of your way to be nice to the people who are your enemies for they will probably not insult others because they won’t be feeling insecure. I know that I will try to be nice to my enemies and try to set an example. Insulting others is not the way to get ahead in life. If someone insults you, turn the other cheek and remember that it takes the big man to ignore the person.

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