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Everyone should has his own characteristics. Some of those characteristics should be positive while some should be negative, and they might be changed as time passes and things happens. Throughout the story “Tears, Idle Tears” , the author shows that Mrs.Dickinson has characteristics of beautiful, independent and demanding person.

It is so common to describe a woman a beautiful. Especially when Mrs.Dickinson is a typical model of beauty. She is well fashioned in what she wears, she has real good dressings. “She was a gallant-looking woman, wearing to-day in London a coat and skirt, a silver fox, white gloves and a dark-blue toque put on exactly right”.(P110) As a model of beauty, she is also very attractive on herself. “She was a charming woman walking by herself”. (P112) Because she is such a good looking, lovely woman, there is no question that many men couldn t resist her attractiveness and want to marry with her. “Several man wanted to marrt her”.(P113)

Mrs.Dickinson is a widow because her husband died in a plane crash. That makes her to be a independent person. After the death of her husband, she has no help in anyway. She tend take care of the family by herself. Financially, she has to go out and work, she has two jobs which will earn her money to live. “She helped a friend with a little hat shop……bred puppies for sale”. Emotionally, she is independent. Her son, Frederick, is the only one lives with her. She hasn t marry any other man in five years after the death of her husband. “It was five years since her tragedy and she had not married.” (P112) She also try to raise her son by herslef. There is no baby-sister to take care of Frederick. She is the only one who puts Federick on first place. “But you see, there s Frederick. He s the man in my life now. I m bound to put him firstt”. (P113) As she becomes a widow, she try to do everything on herslef, without anyone s help.

By reading the story, it is so easy to realize that Mrs.Dickinson is a bery demanding person. Demanding is not a bad thing, but she is doing it at a wrong way. She is have too much demands on Frederick. As Frederick cries, she demands him to stop cring. “Frederick, you can t — in the middle of Regents s park”. (P109) That is not a bad thing to do because Frederick is cring in a public place, but Frederick is still at a young age, and she is giving him a fearful mortificatoin which will make Frederick feel more “You really haven t got to be such a baby!”. (P110) As Frederick keep cring, she is demanding in a kind of menace way. “Listen, I shall walk ahead……You stay here and look at the duck till you ve stopped that noise. Don t catch me up till you have.” (P111) It gives Frederick a feeling that she is really going to leave him if he doesn t stop cring, and she knows it is not easy for Frederick to stop cring.

The life for Mrs.Dickinson becomes tough since the death of her husband. There are easier ways for her if she marries with another man or hire a baby sister to take care of Frederick, but she chooses the tough way. It is mainly because she wants to be independent and wants Frederik to be a real boy, a man, not a crybaby. She is always a beautiful woman, but she might not be as independent and as demanding as she is. The disappearance of her husband makes her what she is. By the end of the story, it is appropriate to say Mrs.Dickinson is a beautiful, independent and demanding person.

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