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You can see two different styles of speech that Socrates uses in the Apology and the Crito . In the Apology , Socrates was defending himself and trying to prove his innocence. In the Crito , Socrates was telling his beliefs in the whole truth. You will see that he speaks differently on one occasion than he did in another.

In the Apology , Socrates was using rhetoric and trying to persuade the people that he was innocent. He told everyone that the people corrupt the youth, not him. He cross-examined the accusers. He tried to convince the people that he isn t an atheist by asking whether a man who believes in spiritual and divine agencies and not in spirits or demigods. In this trial, he used many methods to try and persuade the people of the court rather than tell the whole truth, though he did not lie.

In the Crito , he talks to Crito who is his close friend and in this conversation he speaks only the truth and nothing else. He discussed his beliefs and the way that he thought. He illustrates his philosophy to Crito to explain why he won t go with him.

He says and implies that if he is killed, then it will be for the better because his followers and other people may stand up to the government and follow in his ways.

In both the Crito and Apology he switched styles, from defensive and rhetorical to very truthful and meaningful. In one way he himself could ve even been considered a rhetorician because of the way he adapted to his eviroment.

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