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Reasons For Tragedy Essay, Research Paper

Frankenstein Writing Reasons for Tragedy Marry Shelley’s Frankenstein is a story that portrays an ambitious young scientist Victor Frankenstein who is not satisfied with his previous knowledge. Following his egotism, he plays God and creates a being that will destroy him. The story develops to a complete tragedy and there are many reasons for Frankenstein’s misfortune. From a religious perspective it can be argued that he fails because he interferes with the natural order of things created by God. However, another reason for his misfortune could be the mistreatment of his own creature. One possible interpretation of the reasons for the tragedy is that Victor denies God and the natural order of the universe in his arrogant and self-centered approach. Victor is not interested in the usual subjects of studies. On the contrary, he strives for power to change the world that would make him immortal and his discoveries remembered long after his death. While following his ambitions, Victor is very ignorant and does not recognize that the pattern of creations in the universe will be violated by his creation. In other words, he lacks the understanding for the whole universe, and sees his discoveries in a very narrowed and strictly scientific way. Using this approach of interpretation the tree destroyed by a flash during a thunderstorm can be seen as a message from God. This event should have shown Victor how powerful nature is and how dangerous electricity is. However, it seems that Victor does not see this as a warning from God, nor does he recognize the potential of destruction present in his studies. Using a different approach, Frankenstein’s misfortune can be traced back to the mistreatment of his own creation. It seems that Frankenstein never takes full responsibility for the “miserable wretch” he created, and his role can be compared with a parent who abandons the child immediately after birth. Frankenstein does see that he, as a creator should be responsible for the protection and welfare of the being. On the contrary, horrified by the “miserable monster,” Victor abandons him only because of his physical appearance. Very early the being is declared Victor’s “enemy” even before it has done any harm to anybody. This behavior of the “creator” seems extremely irresponsible and unfair. He planned the creature’s gigantic proportions but he never thought about the results of his actions. In his arrogant manner, Victor destroys all parental ties with the creature that remains rejected and unloved from the moment of his creation. For this reason monster’s behavior should not be a surprise.

In spite of the fact that he never receives love the creature is at first presented as an intelligent and sensitive being. He does not become evil and violent until he encounters the rejection by the human society. Shelley refers to Locke’s theory when she is describing the monster. Locke regarded the mind of a person at birth as a tabula rasa, a blank slate upon which experience imprinted knowledge, and he also believed also believed that all persons are born good, independent, and equal . Shelley makes another effort to humanize the creature in the chapter where he saves somebody’s life, and in return he is being shot at. Not even the monster’s acquisition of language changes the fact that he is excluded from the human society. The only three persons who will ever get to hear him speak are the blind De Lacey, Victor and Walton. In an ironic way his education seem to alienate him further from humans, with whom he cannot identify. The monster struggles with important questions of his identity and personal history and can only identify with Indians, Adam, and the Satan.

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