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Blue Winds Dancing Essay, Research Paper


The author is an Indian, he is describing the geography of different states one by one, as he passes by each one of them. He lives in Wisconsin and he describes that city as not too bad, he said it was beautiful. He faces the conflict of walking a very long distance to go back home. He was studying and he was on his way home for Christmas vacation. He missed the place he used to live at. He was describing the cities as he was passing by them. He went through the dessert, through many different cities. He didn?t like none of the cities, there was no nature or beauty. As he went back home, he found his family, he felt glad to be home and at the same time he felt weird, because he didn?t know if his friends and family would recognize him. He was confused too, because his future was in Wisconsin and his family and his real home was right where he was at, a little humble place, full of little square houses and full of people just enjoying being with eachother. The city was pretty, but he still didn?t like it as much as he liked his little jungle. He shows a confusion weather he?s white or Indian, since apparently he was in that city for a long time, I assume that he was wearing American clothes and shoes and maybe short hair and maybe at home, the people weren?t wearing any shoes at all, long hair and hand made clothes. In Wisconsin the wind smelled like white rice and venison cooking and at home the wind was blue and clean and danced with the music of the drums. He was glad he was finally at his beautiful and peaceful home.


Edgar V. Roberts, Literature, 1998

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