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Self Conscious Essay, Research Paper


The dictionary definition of self-conscious is having or expressing knowledge or understanding about oneself or itself. In any person?s life he is involved in situations or education, which affects his self-conscious. However society also affects the up bringing of person.

We can see this if a person is born in a rich family you are subjected to different atmosphere than a person who is born in a poor family. In a poor family you start to help in the expenses of the house by working in addition to your education if you have any. On the other side, in a rich family your education and family is the most important thing that develops your self-conscious. For example, here in the American university in Cairo we can see a lot of people are superficial and they only live to have fun. Most of them are airheads who don?t know anything of anything.

Technology and the Internet is driving us toward a transformation of consciousness. The Internet poses a certain force or knowledge. The Star Wars movie refers to the force, which, I propose, is similar to the force of the Internet. It is neither a thing, nor a process, nor a thing-process. It cannot be felt; it only can be acknowledged as a result of experiencing IT in some way. Many others under the self-conscious influence of this force develop personhood, which differentiates in each of us into a range of tendencies ranging from movement toward soul to movement toward the self-centered ego. Movement toward the autonomous, self-centered ego causes us to believe that we posses power. This commitment fuels our illusion of having power and fuels our desire to express power only for our own benefit. We project this war within each of us onto the human sphere. The Star Wars movie may be interpreted to represent a dramatization of the ultimate conflict between the self-conscious drive toward soul and the self-conscious drive toward self-centered ego. I believe that technology is driving us toward a transformation of consciousness.

So we can see that along the years different notions were involved in developing our self-conscious. In the past it was only education and society, however; today it was technology, Internet, and also education and society.

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