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Soccer Essay, Research Paper

My name is Joe Leavy and I am a freshman here at South Georgia College on a scholarship to play soccer for coach Al Horner. Soccer, ya, the most played game in the world, what a game! I believe who ever invented soccer has got to be the most brilliant man that has ever existed! Soccer is the largest international sport of all times. Any were you go in the world there is soccer being played. Now I am not putting down baseball or football, but those are both American sports. Sure they play those games else were but they were founded and perfected in America. I think that we need more soccer in our nation. When I look over seas I see the best players in the world but never in America. If I were to go down south to the Spanish colonies there would be a ton of soccer players that have unbelievable talent. Now here in America, we don t have the training as they do over in Europe or down in South America. In those colonies soccer is more important then school and all they do is play soccer all day ever day. Soccer is their number one priority. Here in America we concentrate on school and then comes our leisure time. No one can do anything in America without a good school degree and that is why soccer is so small in America. Our parents hound us to do well in school and threaten to take away soccer; baseball or football unless we do well in school and that leaves us with no time to concentrate on our sports. I have seen the live of a soccer player over seas and I have also experienced a live of a soccer player over in England and it is a totally different environment. They wake up in the morning and play soccer and then they go to school for 5 hours and then they play soccer after school. Then after dinner they play before they go to sleep and when they wake up the next morning they start all over again. Now that is a soccer life and they do that their whole life. We also don t have the training over here either. When I played in England I got some of the best training I have ever had in my life and I will remember those training sessions and how they made me a better player, for the rest of my soccer career. If you were to look at all the good soccer trainers over here, they are all from over seas or have been taught from someone from over seas. America doesn t have a good name with soccer and as much as soccer has grown in the past 10 years I believe that we will have one of the best soccer nations in the world by the year 2010. As of me, I have played soccer for 14 years and will continue to play soccer for as long as I can. I will also try to help our nation out as much as I can to make it as important as any other sport in America.

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