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Актуальность Согласованность деятельности сообщества лежит в плоскости многогранного измерения, целью которого выступает, в первую очередь, понимание ...полностью>>
Возможности исследования индивидуального сознания как многоуровневой системы представленности объектной и социальной действительности в психической ре...полностью>>
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Психические расстройства приобретают в последние десятилетия особую значимость среди всех классов заболеваний Выявляемость непсихотических психических...полностью>>
Как известно, ведущее положение среди всех внутренних болезней занимают нарушения в деятельности сердечно-сосудистой системы, что определяет особое от...полностью>>


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  1. The Nazi Party Essay Research Paper The

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    The Nazi Party had a series of ideas which it incorporated into the regime. These ideas were all working together to help achieve Hitler s plans of conquest. Though it is argued that a lot of these ideas were more of a hindrance, than a help. One of the principle ideas of a fascist state is total control.
  2. The Amish 2 Essay Research Paper The

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    The Amish originated in Switzerland around 1525. They initially belonged to a religious group called Mennonites. The Mennonites believed that the church and state should be united. The Amish didn t agree with this view and broke away. They also did not agree on infant baptism.
  3. The Jungle Review Essay Research Paper The

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    The family continued to travel to Chicago (or Packing town), where they finally settled down. Upon arrival in Packing town, the family found that the cost of living in the United States was far more expensive than in Lithuania.
  4. The History Use And Effectiveness Of Medicinal

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    The History, Use, and Effectiveness of Medicinal DrugsI. The History, Use, and Effectiveness of Medicinal Drugs A. Introduction (Pg’s 1-2)II. Aspirin (Pg’s 3-6) A. Its Origin B. Dosages C. Relative Effectiveness D. Side Effects E. Alternate TreatmentIII.
  5. The Controversial Issue Of Animal Ethics Essay

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    July 5,1998, The ALF broke into a laboratory at Cornell University and released dozens of woodchucks into the wild. (Americans for Medical Progress ) These are only a few examples of intimidation and terrorism that activists use to get their point across.
  6. History Of X Mdma Essay Research Paper

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    MDMA, also known as Ecstasy, beans, rolls, or just plain X. This drug has a long history, which began almost 90 years ago. In 1912 Merck, a German pharmaceutical company, first synthesized MDMA (Erowid). MDMA was then patented in 1913 or maybe 1914 (patent #274.
  7. History Of The American Drug War Essay

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    The first act of America’s anti-drug laws was in 1875. It outlawed the smoking of opium in opium dens. This was a San Francisco ordinance. The basis on passing this law was that Chinese men had a way of luring white women to their dens and causing their “ruin”, which was the association with Chinese men.
  8. Adolecent Drug Use Essay Research Paper As

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    As adolescent mature, they encounter variety of problems that are foreign to them. Whether these dilemmas can be resolved depend greatly on individuals’ mental state, such as the ability to think and reason. A major concern in adolescent psychology is ways adolescent response to drug use.
  9. The Dangers Of Aspartame Discussed And Validity

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    The Federal Drug Administration approved aspartame, an artificial sweetener surrounded by controversy, for widespread consumption in 1983. Its brand name, NutraSweet, is a division of Monsanto, a major drug company who acquired G.D. Searle, the original drug company affiliated with aspartame.
  10. The Bogus Logic Of The Beak Of

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    People who have served in the Armed Forces may be familiar with the expression, “If you can’t dazzle then with your brilliance, baffle them with your baloney.” The Beak of the Finch uses such laughable logic, it is remarkable that anyone would believe it.
  11. The Renaissance In Spain Essay Research Paper

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    When the new colonies were formed in the New World, it brought a great deal of wealth and prosperity to Spain. The immense resources in North and South America were being exploited; this trade was controlled from the Iberian Peninsula. Charles of Spain, later became Emperor Charles, took over an empire including Africa, America, and Asia.
  12. The Banning Of

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    The ban on this book is currently still in place and being upheld by the Australian government due to the way the book portrays the drug ecstasy in a primarily positive way. According to the author of the book, even anti-drug groups are opposed to the ban because they believe both sides of the story should be heard.
  13. History Of The Grateful Dead Essay Research

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    Throughout the years The Grateful Dead was forced to overcome many obstacles to arrive at the point in which they are today. In San Francisco, on August 1, 1942, Jerome John Garcia was born. This marked the beginning of a long strange trip (Mokrzycki 4) Jose Garcia, Jerome’s father named his son after his favorite Broadway musical composer, Jerome Kern.
  14. The Effects Of Steroids On Muscle Training

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    What are steroids? Steroids are synthetic chemicals that mimic the hormones produced by the body. Hormones control bodily functions and are separated into various classifications such as adrenal, cortical, cardiac, bile salts, vitamins, and sex hormones.
  15. The Visions Of Light And Darkness- Joseph

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    When Joseph Conrad composed Heart of Darkness he created a literary masterpiece which embodied the essence of light contrasting with darkness. Throughout the novel Conrad constantly utilizes the images of light and dark and uses them to mold a vision, which the reader is then able to use to decipher the literal and metaphorical meanings of the novel.
  16. The Argument Over The Decriminalization Of Cannabis

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    The majority of Americans choose the same issues as the most threatening to the nation. Invariably among these one will see “drugs” as a major concern of most Americans. There is speculation that this is due to a perceived association between drugs and crime (Inciardi 1).
  17. The Structure Of An Airplane Essay Research

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    The idea of flight has fascinated people for centuries, even to this day, which is why I decided to research on airplanes. When I researched the history on planes, I was surprised at the effort and the time people long ago spent trying to make a machine that flies.
  18. History Of Children

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    There were very little portraits done for children and what exists show small versions of adults. Babies were normally wrapped in swaddling clothes, they believed that wrapping babies would protect them from falls and help straighten legs and spine.
  19. Drug Use Amongst Teenagers Essay Research Paper

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    More than 70 percent of 15 to 17-year-olds see high schools as a place where drugs are sold, used and kept. Almost 70 percent of 17-year-olds can buy marijuana within a few hours or even minuets and have friends who smoke pot or have a serious drug or alcohol abuse problem.
  20. The Evolution Of Elizabethan Drama Essay Research

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    A. Quem quaeritus in sepulchro, O Christicolae? M. Ihesum Nazarenun, crucifixumm o caelicola. A. Non est hic; surrexit a mortuis C. Alleluia! resurrexit DominusVenite et videte locum!Deum Laudemus!(Quem Quaeritus, from Regularis Concordia, Ethelwold, Bishop of Winchestercirca.
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