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1. Створення злочинної організації з метою вчинення тяжкого чи особливо тяжкого злочину, а також керівництво такою організацією або участь у ній, або ...полностью>>
Банковское дело->Реферат
Фондовая биржа - организованный и регулярно функционирующий рынок по купле-продаже ценных бумаг: акций, облигаций и т.д. Фондовая биржа мобилизует и п...полностью>>
Актуальность темы исследования обусловлена стремительным развитием избирательного законодательства в течение последних лет. Формирование палат парламе...полностью>>
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Процедура выводит на экран информацию о программе и вводит x и a. После ввода, процедура производит вычисление функции (1+x)α тремя способами: с помощ...полностью>>


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  1. Philoctetes Essay Research Paper PhiloctetesTen years before

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    Ten years before the play’s action begins, the leaders of the Greek crusade had abandoned the play’s main character, Philoctetes, when his screams due to a foot ulcer become bothersome to them. But the Greeks discover that they cannot win victory over Troy without Philoctetes and the priceless bow of Heracles.
  2. Odysseus Essay Research Paper ODYSSEUSOdysseus in Greek

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    Odysseus, in Greek legend, a Greek hero, ruler of the island of Ithaca and one of the leaders of the Greek army during the Trojan War Homer’s Odyssey recounts Odysseus’s adventures and ultimate return home ten years after the fall of Troy Initially, Odysseus was mentioned as the son of Laertes, king of Ithaca, although in later tradition Sisyphus, king of Corinth, was considered his real father, his mother having later married Laertes At first Odysseus refused to accompany the Greeks to Troy, feigning madness by sowing his fields with salt, but the Greeks placed his son Telemachus in front of
  3. Seamus Heaney Essay Research Paper Heaney

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    Heaney’s first poetry collection was the prizewinning Death of a Naturalist (1966). In this book and Door into the Dark (1969), he wrote in a traditional style about a passing way of life–that of domestic rural life in Northern Ireland. In Wintering Out (1972) and North (1975), he began to encompass such subjects as the violence in Northern Ireland and contemporary Irish experience, though he continued to view his subjects through a mythic and mystical filter.
  4. Seamus Essay Research Paper Seamus HeaneySeamus Heaney

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    uncles and relations were employed in the local linen mill and an aunt had worked “in service” to the mill owners’ family. The poet has commented on the fact that his parentage thus contains both the Ireland of the cattle-herding Gaelic past and the Ulster of the Industrial Revolution; indeed, he considers this to have been a significant tension in his background, something which corresponds to another inner tension also inherited from his parents, namely that between speech and silence.
  5. Sophocles Essay Research Paper Sophocles was born

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    Sophocles was born in Colonus, near Athens, c.497 B.C. Sophocles father was a wealthy armorer named Sophillus. When he reached adulthood he was already established as a great tragic playwright, and the citizens of Athens loved him. He was nicknamed Attic-bee by the Athenians because he could take pure honey from words.
  6. Sophocles Essay Research Paper In 495 BC

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    In 495 B.C. there was a child born about a mile outside of Athens. This child was to be named Sophocles. He was a boy whose father was a wealthy merchant. He now had the opportunity to enjoy all of life’s greatest expectations in the Greek empire. Being that he was from a wealthy family, he had the chance to study all of the arts.
  7. Heroic Distinctions Of Odysseus Essay Research Paper

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    The heroes of the Greeks were an intricate part of society. After the gods and demi-gods of Greece, the heroes were extremely revered by the people. One hero in particular has distinguished himself from the rest through his quest and adventures. That hero is Odysseus.
  8. Omeros Essay Research Paper Omeros and St

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    Derek Walcott s Omeros is an epic story which fits well into the classical tradition. Its numerous echoes of Homeric writing combined with the use of characters names from Homer s stories are clear evidence to the fact that there is a major parallel to Homer s Iliad and Odyssey.
  9. Hamlet Essay Research Paper Homer The

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    Homer The Homeric poems are a representation of reality- nature, animals, and men. We may reach Homer by inquiring into the picture he gives us– by seeing how true and imaginative it is. One researcher, Paolo Vivante, concludes that By Homeric imaginatition I mean that sympathetic insight whereby objects and events were first rendered by the poet in significant and revealing outlines (1).
  10. The Arguement Regarding Odysseus

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    The story is known worldwide. Odysseus, the great epic hero, leaves his beautiful Ithaca, spends ten years of his life fighting bravely against Troy, and then spends another ten years reaching home. At this point he leaves Troy again. He leaves his family and loyal subjects to go exploring and questing to satisfy the wanderer inside him.

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