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В исторической литературе существуют разноречивые оценки деятельности Петра I. Однако большинство исследователей считают, что его реформы имели выдающ...полностью>>
Джордж Бе́ркли (англ. George Berkeley; 12 марта 1685 — 14 января 1753) — английский философ, известный своей системой спиритуалистической философии; е...полностью>>
Нині в Україні набули поширення так звані нові культи або релігії "нового" віку. Ці новоутворення у духовному житті суспільства у 60-і роки виникли й ...полностью>>
Выбранная мною тема считается актуальной на сегодняшний день, так как сегодня миллионы людей ежедневно, не выходя из дома, покупают различные товары в...полностью>>


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  1. Women In Islam Essay Research Paper The

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    The topic of this paper was chosen out of the conviction that humanity is suffering today from a number of serious social problems related to women and to the interrelations of the two sexes in society. Although these problems may be more pronounced, disturbing, more debilitating for some of us than for others, there are probably few if any regions of the contemporary world whose citizens have not felt in some way the repercussions of these problems.
  2. Big Bang Essay Research Paper Big Bang

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    Fifteen billion years ago, give or take five billion years, the entirety of our universe was compressed into the confines of an atomic nucleus. Known as a singularity, this is the moment before creation when space and time did not exist. According to the prevailing cosmological models that explain our universe, an ineffable explosion, trillions of degrees in temperature on any measurement scale, that was infinitely dense, created not only fundamental subatomic particles and thus matter and energy but space and time itself.
  3. Computer Graphics History Essay Research Paper CHAPTER

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    The Bauhaus (page 12) movement saw historical precedent as a force that limited creative potential. In particular the new technologies and material now available demand a design theory tuned to the capabilities and qualities inherent in these materials.
  4. Goodfellas Essay Research Paper Goodfellas

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    Goodfellas" is a dramatization of life in the New York Mafia. It is based on the accounts of real life ex-gangster turned state evidence. He tells his story from when he was hired by a wiseguy as a teenager in the fifties, to the time he is put in the witness protection program in the seventies.
  5. 2Pac Facts Essay Research Paper 1997ForeshadowIn April

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    In April of 1969, Afeni (Alice Faye Walker), and 20 other members of the New York Black Panthers were arrested and charged with felonies, including conspiracy to bomb police stations and department stores in New York City and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.
  6. Kao Corporation Executive Summary Essay Research Paper

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    In this project, I have chosen the Fast Moving Consumer Product industry as the topic of study. First of all we will take a brief look at how the industry started in the late 19th century as soap making companies and slowly evolving into some of the most successful multidomestic company of today.
  7. Indian Removal Essay Research Paper INTRODUCTION On

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    But by the mid-18 0’s Georgians began to doubt that the government would withhold its part of the bargain. The Cherokee Indian tribes had a substantial part of land in Georgia that they had had for many generations though.
  8. Universe Construction Essay Research Paper Luminosity is

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    Luminosity is the amount of light that is radiated from a star. White light is the composition of all colors. In elements, the energy discharge can be displayed as light. Just by looking at the colors that are discharged, one may precisely identify the element.
  9. Rainforests And Earth Essay Research Paper Science

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    Science; Rainforests and EarthThe Tropical Rainforests of the WorldIn this term paper, I will explain the great importance of the tropicalRainforests around the world and discuss the effects of the tragedy ofrainforest destruction and the effect that it is having on the earth.
  10. Lucille Ball Essay Research Paper On April

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    On April 26, 1989, the world lost an extremely talented comic genius, Lucille Ball. There are so many things to learn about this extraordinary woman: her childhood, her acting career, and her unfortunate death. Lucille Ball will most surely be known as a premiere comedienne of the 20th century.
  11. Acceleration Force And Mass Essay Research Paper

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    the following formula:(average) acceleration (m/s²) =?? change in velocity (m/s)??????? or in symbols: a = v – u ??????????????????????????????????????????????? ? time taken for the change (s)?? ??????????????????????????????????? twhere u is the velocity at the beginning of the time
  12. FearInduced Hallucination Essay Research Paper FearInduced Hallucination

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    I researched the web to find out how hallucination starts during an episode of Sleep Paralysis. As I have written in my previous paper, a Sleep Paralysis, although often believed as an evil’s work, results from some errors of the neural transmission in the brain during REM sleep (1).
  13. DDay Essay Research Paper DDay

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    The ground forces landed and made their push inland. Soon Operation Overlord was in full affect as the allied forces pushed the Germans back towards the Russian forces coming in from the east. D-Day was the beginning and the key to the fight to take back Europe.
  14. Silicon Graphics Essay Research Paper Silicon Graphics

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    Examples include flight simulation, product design, scientific modeling, Internet graphics and gaming software. A list of SGI’s customers include many of the world’s largest governments and corporations.
  15. Breaking On Another Level Essay Research Paper

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    Culture is something derived from ethnicity, geographical location within the world, or religion. A sub culture on the other hand can be created at anytime by anyone. In the late seventies, an urban subculture in the streets of New York began to rise.
  16. The European Union Essay Research Paper The

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    The European Union faces a number of problems that are inherent in the forming of a union out of disparate member states. One such problem is the integration of the various states without causing a loss in the individual vigor of each member state that is involved.
  17. Ghost Stories Essay Research Paper Ghost stories

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    They defeat the monster and come out the conquering hero, never forgetting the memory of their battle.
  18. President Kennedy Essay Research Paper Kennedys AssassinationNovember

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    F.K. and a commission was set-up by him to investigate the assassination. The Warren Commission, after analyzing the events for ten months, reported that Lee Harvey Oswald was not part of any conspiracy, domestic or foreign, to assassinate President Kennedy.
  19. BoseEistein Condesation Essay Research Paper Everything in

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    Everything in the world around us is made up of particles. These particles can be placed into two categories called bosons and fermions. Bosons are particles that have integer spin values, such as 1, 2, 3 and so on.3 Examples of bosons are photons, which are quantum of electromagnetic radiation, phonons, which are quantum of vibrational energy, and most atoms.
  20. Andrew Abbott Essay Research Paper Critique of

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    Critique of Andrew Abbott By: Eric E-mail: eric_diep@hotmail.com Part A: Summary Introduction: Andrew Abbott s book, The System of Professions: An Essay on the Division of Expert Labour contains a mix of comparative historical analysis and current evaluation, which is assembled within an analytical model that looks at professions from the viewpoint of their jurisdictions, the tasks they do, the expert knowledge needed for those tasks, and how competitive forces internally and externally work to change both the jurisdictions and the tasks.
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