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Между тем слово “психология”, возникшее в XVIII веке (его создателем был знаменитый немецкий ученый, учитель М В Ломоносова Христиан Вольф) в собствен...полностью>>
Логика-наука о человеческом мышлении Но в отличие от других наук, изучающих человеческое мышление, например от физиологии нервной высшей деятельности ...полностью>>
Логика, одна из древнейших наук, возникла в проблемном поле философии более 2300 лет назад, и в трудах древнегреческого философа Аристотеля впервые по...полностью>>
Термин "логика", как гласит предание, впервые был введен в научный обиход древнегреческим философом Демокритом (460-370 гг до н э ) В перево...полностью>>


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  1. Electronic Journals And Scholarly Communication Essay Research

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    In recent years, scholarly communication has virtually exploded into the on-line electronic world. This has brought a number of demonstrable benefits to the scholarly communication process as well as highlighting a number of inefficiencies and obstacles to the full deployment of information technology.
  2. Anna Karenina Essay Research Paper Anna Karenina

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    Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy TimEnglish 10May 7, 1 Introduction Leo Nicolaevich Tolstoy was the fourth out of five children to a wealth Russian family. He was a child who loved attention and would do things out of the ordinary to get that attention. He was quite self conscience.
  3. Eighteenth Century Duel Evolution And Ethics Essay

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    Throughout time, the image of the duel has transcended into our collective consciousness, so that there is hardly a person today who does not understand what the word means, even though there are practically no modern day duels. Anyone asked to define the word would be able to conjure up the image of two men standing face to face, for the purpose of settling a dispute and very likely leaving one of the men dead.
  4. Buddhism Essay Research Paper BuddhismFacts1 Buddhism is

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    called Nirvana, or total relief; and there is a path leading to the end of suffering, the eightfold noble path of right views, right resolve, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration 4.
  5. The Goal Of Life Essay Research Paper

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    Since the beginning of life people have always believed in a higher power. Whether it is God, moksha, karma, or jina every religion has a goal in life for its followers. Everyone is searching for the meaning of life, the greater picture, their destiny, but many people have no clue where to start.
  6. Relegion Hinduism Perspective Essay Research Paper What

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    Religion in many areas and aspects is probably a topic as commonly discussed as weather is, on a global scale. Regardless of where a person may live, the culture they are in will discuss it and ultimately be influenced by it. Within these cultures are families with their own religious history, which very well might be the main contributor of religious continuity.
  7. Biography Of Johnathan Davis Essay Research Paper

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    Throughout the music history, musicians have written songs that reflect a part of their lives, be it a part of their childhood or a love song. Through the artist s lyrics, audiences can relate on a more personal level to what the musician is feeling. For example, John Lennon and Eric Clapton have written songs that directly reflect their own lives.
  8. Art Literature And Society From 19551970 Essay

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    Fear and Loathing in a Clockwork AgeAh! The noble search for identity. That intangible achievement that all artists lust after and lay in torment over. And during the post war era that struggle reached incredible magnitudes. The world cried out for legions of anti-heroes, who were only virtuous in their unapologetic and brutally honest lack of virtue.
  9. Hinduism Essay Research Paper A Religion of

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    Hinduism is unique in many ways. One of the most endearing aspects of Hinduism is it’s religious tolerance. One devotee may worship Vishnu, another may worship Shiva, and yet another Krishna, while honoring the other’s choice and feeling no sense of conflict.
  10. Thesis Essay On Korn Essay Research Paper

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    The voice, talking in low-tuned rhythmic tones, spoke for a generation that would have no more of modern America and its leaders. A generation fed-up with lies, violence and greed from their own society. It grew and grew as more and more people realized the veracity of its claims, and adhered to its cause.
  11. Edmund Kemper Essay Research Paper I Description

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    On May 7, 1972dmund Kemper began his series of murders. His first two victims were both students at Fresno State College. They were hitchhiking to Stanford University, but they made the tragic mistake of excepting a ride from Kemper. After driving them around for while, he pulled into a remote deserted area.
  12. Ancient Civilizations Afterlife Essay Research Paper Kircher

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    When we think about the afterlife today it is easy to categorize the locations after death: Heaven and Hell. As Christians, we have guidelines in which to receive eternal life and we follow the life as Jesus Christ, and according to the Bible, through Him we are saved.
  13. Police Brutality Essay Research Paper Racism and

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    Racism and police brutality goes hand in hand, and causes a major concern in today’s society, in the United States. On March 3, 1991 in California, Rodney King an African American, was pulled over after a high-speed chase, and after stopping was beaten by four white police officers (Worsnop 635).
  14. Modern Music Essay Research Paper In an

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    In an age of error the most influential thing in a child and or a teenagers life is music. Whether it be Reggae, Hip Hop, Gangster Rap, R&B, Oldies Rock, Latin, or Heavy Metal it still has a way to overpower a persons mind no matter how old they are. Right now pretty much everybody that I talk to when I am on the Internet like Rap.
  15. The Creative Mind Of The Spunkmaster Essay

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    The second act of Thanksgiving Throwdown opens with a view from the outside of Long Island?s Nassau Veteran?s Memorial Coliseum. Inside the arena, two lines of pyro explode toward the ring, finishing with flame pops from the ring posts. A shot of the crowd shows numerous ?PC F?N W? signs spotted by the camera.
  16. John Gotti Essay Research Paper John Gottiby

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    It was early evening on December 16, 1985. The sidewalks were jammed with people who had just flooded out of the many office buildings around East 46th Street between Second and Third Avenue.
  17. Mernissi Essay Research Paper Mernissi makes the

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    Mernissi makes the claim that “Any man who believes that a Muslim woman who fights for her dignity and right to citizenship excludes herself necessarily from the umma…is a man who misunderstands his own religious heritage, his own cultural identity” (Mernissi viii).
  18. Observation Of A Coach Essay Research Paper

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    I chose to observe the practices at Cuesta College for Track and Field. I primarily focused on the distance team with Matt Sherman as the coach. When I arrived at the first practice I observed Coach Sherman talking to the team at the beginning of their practice.
  19. Environmental Pollution Essay Research Paper ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTIONAutomobiles

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    g. Water, air, atmospheric.) Scientists believe that all cities with populations exceeding 50, have some degree of air pollution.
  20. Queen Hatshepsut Essay Research Paper Thousands of

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    Thousands of years ago, a great empire ruled the land of Egypt. The Pharaoh, or king, ruled the lands and the throne was passed down through generation. After the pharaoh died, his appointed son would become the new Pharaoh. Before Hatshepsut, they were always male.
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