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Необходимо разработать однокристального RISC процессора общего назначения, предназначенного для использования в качестве центрального процессора рабоч...полностью>>
Теория размещения производства имеет большую историю, начало которой положили работы немецких экономистов-географов. К первой половине 19 в. относятся...полностью>>
1. Начало формироваться в Др. Риме. Народное хозяйство начала формироваться в эпоху великих географических открытий 15 – 16 (?) в. Результат – активно...полностью>>
Международные отношения->Курсовая работа
Организация Объединённых Наций — международная организация, созданная для поддержания и укрепления международного мира и безопасности, развития сотруд...полностью>>


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  1. Friends Always Essay Research Paper what is

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    what is a friend ? one who is caring, sharing,open and honest. one who won’t judge you,one who will take you for you.one who will put up with all your ups and downsone who is totally understanding. one who knows who you really are and accepts everything about you,
  2. Peer Presure Essay Research Paper What is

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    What is peer pressure? Peer pressure can be described as a positive or negative reaction that occurs when one is influenced by certain people. Peer pressure is constantly surrounding us. One can first be introduced to peer pressure at a very young age and young people can be influenced easier then mature adults.
  3. Teenage Alcoholism Essay Research Paper What is

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    ?What is alcohol? Alcohol is many things to many people: To little kids, it is a curiosity. To teenagers, it is ?cool?. To responsible drinkers, it is a relaxant. To bartenders, it is a job, their lives. To restaurant owners, it is a moneymaker. To probation officers, it is a frustration.
  4. Social Security Essay Research Paper What is

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    What is Social Security? Social Security was established in 1935 as an insurance program. Workers would make mandatory payments into a fund through the parole tax. Retirees would receive monthly checks from the fund when they retired. The fundamental goal of Social Security is to provide extensive and sufficient protection for the entire population against economic distress, connected with disability, death, and retirement of a household breadwinner, which might otherwise financially overwhelm the individual or their families.
  5. Emmanuel Kant Essay Research Paper What Is

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    Enlightenment is man’s release from his self-incurred tutelage. Tutelage is man’s inability to make use of his understanding without direction from another. Self-incurred is this tutelage when its cause lies not in lack of reason but in lack of resolution and courage to use it without direction from another.
  6. Anorexia Essay Research Paper What is anorexia

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    What is anorexia nervosa? Anorexia nervosa is an illness that usually occurs in teenage girls, but it can also occur in boys People with anorexia are obsessed with being thin They lose a lot of weight They are terrified of gaining weight They believe they are fat even though they are very thin Anorexia isn’t just a problem with food or weight It’s an attempt to use food and weight to deal with emotional problems What is the difference between anorexia and bulimia? People with anorexia starve themselves, avoid high-calorie foods and exercise constantly People with bulimia eat huge amounts of fo
  7. White Frights Essay Research Paper White frightsI

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    White frightsI don’t know what it is, but every time I see a white guy walking towards me, I tense up. My heart starts racing, and I immediately begin to look for an escape route and a means to defend myself. I kick myself for even being in this part of town after dark.
  8. Bullying At School Essay Research Paper What

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    The word ‘bullying’ is used to describe many different types of behaviour ranging from teasing or deliberately leaving an individual out of a social gathering or ignoring them, to serious assaults and abuse. Sometimes it is an individual who is doing the bullying and sometimes it is a group.
  9. What Is An American Essay Research Paper

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    A modern American is somebody who lives in the U.S., respectively, and moved here or was moved here for good reasons, such as finding a great job, living in a better home, having a better environment, or to just start your life all over again (If something regrettably went wrong.
  10. Teenage Prostitution Essay Research Paper Prostitution is

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    Prostitution is an activity as old as humanity, and for many it is a subject that invokes feelings of disgust, revulsion, and pure evil. Especially, when our young people become involved in such a life style. This report will analyze the types of children who are susceptible, and resort to prostitution.
  11. Cannabis Hemp Essay Research Paper Why is

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    Why is it that the one plant that could save our planet from certain environmental destruction is illegal in our country? The Cannabis plant is grown legally for hemp in many countries around the world and yet the government of this country continues to view it as a dangerous plant.
  12. Great Expectations Essay Research Paper Pip is

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    Pip is orphaned at childbirth and is raised by his sister and her husband, Mr.& Mrs.Joe Gargery. He lives a pretty normal, happy life considering the circumstances. He sneaks around like a normal kid and one time he steals stuff to help an escaped convict.
  13. Michael Faraday Essay Research Paper It is

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    It is not my intention to lay before you a life of Faraday in the ordinary accepting of the term. The duty I have to perform is to give you some notion of what he has done in the world; dwelling incidentally on the spirit in which his work was executed, and introducing such personal traits as may be necessary to the completion of your picture of the philosopher, though by no means adequate to give you a complete idea of the man.
  14. Marijuana 3 Essay Research Paper Marijuana is

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    Marijuana is a green, brown, or gray mixture of dried, shredded leaves, stems, seeds, and flowers of the hemp plant. You may hear marijuana called by street names such as pot, herb, weed, grass, boom, Mary Jane, gangster, or chronic.
  15. The Odysseus Essay Research Paper Telemachi is

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    Telemachi reappears towards the end of the novel upon Odysseus’ return to Ithaca. The return of Odysseus is an important role in relation to Telemachi. This demonstrates how Telemachi has matured as a direct result of Odysseus.
  16. The Odessy Essay Research Paper Odysseus is

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    Odysseus is trapped on Kalypso s island being punished for not thanking the gods for his victory. Odysseus has been away from home for about twenty years now. Zeus called a meeting for the gods to decide that Odysseus is now allowed to return to Ithaca.
  17. Marriage Asylum Essay Research Paper It is

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    It is my belief that the institution of marriage is a sham, designed by pious Christain fanatics in order to subjugate, control, and furthermore oppress a woman’s personal liberties, intellectual freedoms and artistic development. It is also my belief that much in the way of the institution of marriage has not changed since its barbaric origin hundreds of years ago.
  18. Televsion Violence Essay Research Paper There is

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    Since the birth of television, crime has skyrocketed. Many years ago, problems in school were chewing gum and running in the halls. Now, students fear for their lives as our schools have turned into war zones, with school shootings becoming a national problem.
  19. George Fox Essay Research Paper Who is

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    Who is George Fox?Looking into the eyes of the congregation he could see open hearts and minds as he spoke of the Christ he had so long lived for. There was no greater passion for George Fox than to seek to follow the will of God by seeking to be pure of all that was not of the Heavenly Father.
  20. Euthanasia 2 Essay Research Paper Euthanasia is

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    The courts were obliged to find him guilty as he broke the law by taking the life of another human being. Robert Latimer took it upon himself to decide that his daughter would never lead a full life. Tracy Latimer was never given an opportunity for success, as her life was taken.
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