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Белоклю́вый короле́вский дя́тел[1], или кратко белоклювый дятел (лат. Campephilus principalis) — птица, один из самых крупных представителей семейства...полностью>>
Белолобый гусь близок по внешнему виду к серому гусю, но несколько мельче. Он имеет бурую окраску тела, живот беловатый с чёрными пятнами, некоторые п...полностью>>
Белопёрая кабуба[1], или вымпельный щетинозуб[2] (лат. Heniochus acuminatus) — вид рыб из семейства щетинозубых. У рыбы белое, изогнутое и плоское тел...полностью>>
Стихийное использование природных ресурсов без соответствующих мер их защиты и возможности восстановления, интенсивное и все возрастающее загрязнение ...полностью>>


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  1. Explain HUmes Distinction Between Truths Of MOF

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    Hume separates his distinction of truths of into two categories. They are Relation of Ideas (ROF) and Matter of Fact (MOF). Hume states Relation of Ideas are always true based on how all its component parts relate. However, Matter of Fact can and cannot be true depending on circumstance.
  2. What Is Induction Does It Work

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    In this essay I will begin by explaining what induction actually is. Then I will highlight the difference between induction as a form of reasoning and deduction in an attempt to clarify the main ‘Problem with induction’. Next I will go through a number of different philosophers attempts to deal with this problem as well as pointing out a number of extra problems with induction.
  3. Assess The Arguments For The No-self Doctrine.

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    The Buddhist theory of no-self (annata) is perhaps one of the most alien, complex and misunderstood concepts for the westerner to grasp. Essentially the “no self” refers to the denial of a soul. In this sense the soul is “the abiding, separate, constantly existing and indestructible entity which is generally believed to be found in man…it is the thinker of all his thoughts, the doer of all his deeds and the director of the organism generally” (Malalasckera 1957).
  4. Crime Among Youth Essay Research Paper Crime

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    Crime among juveniles has risen gradually in the 1900 s. The young criminals have just recently begun to commit serious offenses within this and the last decade. Violent crime, usually associated with hardened adult criminals, but today young teenagers today are also involving themselves with these serious crimes.
  5. God Exictence Essay Research Paper Prove It

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    For many years philosophers have disputed argued, dissected and used countless of other devices in order to prove God’s existence. Is there someone or something that has been there since time started? All my life I was raised to believe that God exists.
  6. John F Kennedy 2 Essay Research Paper

    Реферат >> Остальные работы
    On November 22,1963 the death of John F. Kennedy was the largest, and most comprehensive conspiracy in United States history. The truth of what happened on that dreadful day in Dallas, Texas is unknown to the common person and it will probably be that way for years to come.

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