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I Ain’t Got Time To Bleed Essay, Research Paper


By: Jesse “The Body” Ventura

In this book Jesse Ventura talks about when he was a Navy SEAL, being a pro wrestler, and his political career. It is a very interesting book because you learn about the real Jesse Ventura and understand his views a lot better.

After he graduated from high school Jesse Ventura and a friend of his went to the Navy Recruiting office and signed up because they both wanted to become SEALs. When they went to basic training each part of the Navy presented their division to them so that they could choose which part of the Navy they wanted to be a part of. When the SEALs came they showed a video then whoever wanted to try out for the SEALs could stay and take some tests. After him and his friend passed the test they went back to basic training. After basic they had to go to BUDS to train to be a SEAL. Finally after they graduated from BUDS they got sent over to Vietnam. During their four years in the Navy SEALs they had to do two nine month tours overseas.

Jesse’s hero was the pro wrestler “Superstar” Billy Graham, so when he got discharged from the Navy he trained to become a pro wrestler and dyed his hair to look like Billy Graham. He started working for regional promotions down South then moved around into all different territories in the United States. Then Vince McMahon lured him to the WWF up north. A few months after Jesse went with the WWF most of the regional promotions were put out of business by the WWF. The end of Jesse’s career came soon after he was hospitalized with pulmonary emboli. After that Vince McMahon asked Jesse to be the first heel(bad guy) commentator in wrestling to take the side of all the heels in the matches. The end of Ventura’s relationship with the WWF came when Jesse found out he was being ripped off on royalties from videos McMahon was selling of him. So Jesse decided that he was going to sue Vince McMahon to get the royalties that he missed out on and to collect future royalties.

He also talks about how he got into politics and gives his views on a number of issues. When he was living in Brooklyn Park, MN he felt that his city government was corrupted. So he decided to run for mayor to try and make a change. He got elected mayor and began to try to change everything that he felt was wrong. After his first term he decided not to seek reelection. Later he noticed that Minnesota had a huge surplus and instead of giving it back to the tax payers they decided they were going to spend it on more stuff. So Ventura got mad and decided to run for Governor. During the campaign Hillary Clinton came to Minnesota and said that a vote for Ventura was a waste of a vote, that upset Jesse and he made some comments about her and Bill. Then in 1998 Jesse Ventura shocked the political experts when he beat Norm Coleman and Skip Humphrey for the Governor’s office.

This was a very interesting book because he tells a lot about the Navy and what it took to become a SEAL. Then he told a lot of inside info and secrets about Pro Wrestling. And he told why he wanted to become the Governor of Minnesota.

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