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Michael Henchard as a Father

Michael Henchard as a father developed into a man that desired to make amends for his past faults. He is a man of admirable qualities, yet he is also a man of mistakes. For his daughter he tried to provide the bond that many father- daughter relationships have. Michael Henchard falls because he ran into fate and Elizabeth Jane rejected him.

Henchard is man of admirable qualities. Under the influence of alcohol, Henchard made the biggest mistake of his life. But with the help of soberness, he demonstrates that he cares about his daughter and his wife. He is a persistent man, and he doesn’t quit. When he tells Elizabeth Jane about the past, she turns away from him weeping. “Don’t cry! Don’t cry! I am your father; why should you cry? I’ll do anything, if you will only look upon me as your father.” Henchard shows passion toward his daughter through his cry toward her.

Although Henchard is a strong man, he also is a man of mistakes. His actions often come to violence and are emphasized when liquor is involved. He was also a very jealous man. Henchard felt threatened by Farfrae when Elizabeth Jane was involved. Henchard also never explained to Elizabeth Jane that she wasn’t his daughter. He lived a life with deceit to his daughter. “Elizabeth Jane is not your Elizabeth Jane ” Although Henchard is…

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