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In Andrew Sulivan’s article “What So Bad About Hate” and Dave Culle’s “Inside the Columbine High Investigation,” both authors talk about hate and its impressions on our society. Sullivan says that there is no way to abolish hate, but that we have to learn to live with it. Cullen states that all the rumors spread about the columbine high school killings are untrue. Both authors share common ideas about hate, how it affects our society and how hate derives within hate.

In Cullen’s article, he states that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were “equal-opportunity haters, railing against minorities and whites, praising Hitler’s final solution and then ranting against racism” (cullen 1). They hated everything. Therefore the rumors about them of having chose their victims because of their social, skin, religion or beliefs are untrue. The people they killed were the unlucky ones. Every victim was a way of discharging their hate. Cullen does not go so deep in talking about hate as Sullivan does in his article.

Sullivan gives various examples of hate crimes. He says that he wonders, again and again, of how the transformation from hate to violence occurs. “I am still drawn, again and again, to the flash of ignition, the moment when fear and loathing became hate, the instant of transformation.”(1) He states that there is no way to define hate or how it originated. Hate will always be in America, “a free country will always mean a hateful country,” and we will have to learn to live with it or “co-exist despite it” (8).

Both authors agree that hate derives from hate. Cullen stated that investigator found out that Harris and Klebold were often called names in school and that they were even outcast from the so-called Trench Coat Mafia. People tried to link this events and others, the blame to be sure that this could no happened in their district. Parents were blamed, but investigators proved that they were just as clueless as the people. The kind of music they heard was tied to the shooting, but it was just music they happened to heard. The truth is that they killed because “they hated everyone and everything” (3).

Sullivan believes that hate often derives from hated groups. He gives the example that Jews are now more susceptible to hate Germans, or the kosovars and serbs hate them self and are always in conflict. As Cullen, Sullivan that the criminals of the shooting in columbine high school were hate victims. Therefore his hate could have begun as the result of this harassment of his fellows. They were victims of hate before they were purveyors of hate (5).

Sullivan as well as Cullen asserts that violence is a result from hate. They did it because they were consumed with hate stated Cullen (2). If the hate toward everything was not so great in those two individuals, the columbine killings might never occurred. What is a better example of hate transforming in to violence that the terror that Klebold and Harris did by killing his classmates and teachers. This only proves that as long as hate exist violence will exist. Violence will and always be the best way of illustrating hate. Hate will not be stop until violence is not stop.

Sullivan states the same by comparing what he calls the oldest derivate from hate racism. racism is every were, but the already victimized might be more desperate. More willing to express it violently (6). An example he gives of this could be the murders of the black guy that they tied in his ban until dead and in trial when they were asked to apologize to the family of the victim the murders said a profanity. The hate of the killers was so grate that led them to kill this innocent guy and even insult his family during the trial. Sullivan believes that as there are kind of loves there are also kind of hates. Therefore he cites Elisabeth Young Bruel s three kinds of hates: Obsessive, hysterical and narcissist, in order to give a more clear idea about hate and how it goes in to violence.

Sullivan says that is not the work of the government to stop hate, but that it is to stop violence. He argues about the government new laws against hate crimes, but which is really a hate crime which is not. Hate crimes has became such a big issue that even president Clinton mention it. Finally Sullivan implies that is up to every one to stop hate and up to the government to stop violence. In contrary to Sullivan s beliefs, Cullen implies that hate can be stop by the government and by every one. And that it can be easily fixed.

Both authors argue about hate and its effects in our society. How people that are hate targets becomes haters and how this hate evolves to violence. Both outer shared common points about hate, although Sullivan goes more deep into it, and Cullen concentrates more in the effects of media miss informing the people.

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