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Cloning Essay, Research Paper


Cloning is an issue that only recently has come to light. The technology, still in its infancy, has roused strong views in opposition. Supporters feel that, with the careful continuation of research, the technological benefits of cloning clearly outweigh the possible social consequences. As with any advance in science and technology, society will question the moral and technical aspects of all undertakings. Many will scrutinize the necessity of such breakthroughs. Being citizens of a great nation, we must accept the existence of those who will always have bad intentions.

Truth being, the fruits of this type of research are merely visions of its supporters. The discoveries that might be produced by cloning in the near future cannot be overlooked. The study of genetics (the biological study of hereditary transmission and variation), and the greater understanding that may be derived from the experimentation of cloning, is invaluable to the overall quality of science and life. The major achievement, in my opinion, would be the ability to alter the human genetic code. A future free from disease and defects presents us with many benefits. Many illnesses, which cut our lives short or restrict our lifestyles, will be avoided. Diseases, which can be avoided, would spare the victims and their families’ unnecessary suffering. Would-be parents who knew they had a high chance of passing to their offspring active disease causing genes could eliminate that risk.

Many of the pros of cloning do carry speculations. The objections to cloning are based on distorted and misleading assumptions. A Hitler reborn, a human clone with no soul, and other such arguments seem to be designed to scare the public into opposition without taking the time to listen to the possibilities, even if they are speculations. Arguments based on spirituality and the dilution of gene pools forget to mention that the human species has managed to accept many different religions and diversify all on its own and implies that somehow, with cloning, all that progress would reverse itself. How can today’s fertility methods be so widely accepted yet the thought of cloning animal organs for human transplantation be so venomously opposed? The latter would bring just as much happiness to a person given the chance to live longer, as to the couple given the chance to reproduce when there are no other means. The sacrifices that have been made in the name of progress cannot be brought to a halt by the fear that enhancing human life to near perfection will destroy it.

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