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Sex and Agression: Whip me, Beat me, Make me feel like an IDIOT!

This documentary does hit on the key issues of instinctual drive, Sex and

Aggression. I felt like sex and aggression was met by both participants in each

sexcapade by the use of what the customer felt was a mixture of love and

domination. Love is what I felt all the customers were looking to their

dominatrix for; and by them humiliating, beating and subduing them the customer

attained a feeling of what they felt was love, something that had probably been

lacking since early childhood. Aggression for the most part was released by the

mistress who, in my opinion, also needed that release of a basic instinctual

drive — Aggression. This was probably fueled by a subdued hatred for men or to

attain that feeling of power one gets when they conquer something.

Another issue is the cathartic effect this type of expression has as a means

for deterring non-consensual sexual activity. This statement was illustrated

best by the man who had psychotic thoughts and feelings and used this as a means

of “getting things in his head right”, if he had not had this mental and sexual

release he could very well have committed some sort of heinous crime against

humanity. So I may not agree with these people or even see the soothing

capabilities of this ?therapy? but that does not mean it does not hold its own

social value and merit.

In closing I would like to say that I feel enlightened to have this

information, which may help me in the future to sympathize with someone who may

have that “urge”, and I feel that armed with this knowledge I may be able to

recognize that deviant in the future.

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