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Personal Essay

Binge Drinking on College Campuses

Binge drinking is running rampant on many college campuses and with an ever-growing number of high school students starting to binge drink, it would appear that there is no end in sight. In a study that was conducted by The Harvard School of Public Health, Binge drinking is defined, as having five or more drinks in a row. This study showed that over 54% of U.S. college students participate in binge drinking. The most likely candidate to be a binge drinker is a white male, who is involved in Athletics or a Fraternity Member. It is also shown that students who drank in high school are three times more likely to become a binge drinker in college.

Binge drinking is an important concern to me because, it is on the top of my things to stay away from at college, I have too many friends that have gone off to college and either gotten in legal trouble or had an academic downfall due to excessive binge drinking. I feel that I will be able to resist the temptation, due to the fact that I have taken some time off after high school and realized how important my college education is going to be. I think that all students should be required to take a year off after high school and work for that year, it makes you appreciate going to college more.

There is no solution in sight for this problem, if you ban alcohol from campus then you end up with riots and students will always find a way to rebel. This would just add more fuel to a fire that is starting to burn out of control. I think that more education in high school would help, considering that this is where many young people are establishing drinking habits these days. I hope that one-day students will realize that college is groundwork for your future and not a four-year party, but I don t see that happening any time soon. Even after students have died from this problem it continues. When will it end?

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