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The word truth seems easy enough to define, but is it really that simple? The dictionary

definition is clear, ?1. quality of being true. 2. something that is true.? (Oxford 550).

These are the definitions that deal with empirical reality. For example, the sky is blue, or

two plus two equals four. This is the truth that deals with reason and the scientific

method. Then there is the truth that is different for each individual, and is out of the realm

of scientific truth. Philosophical truth can not be proven nor disproved.

Empirical truth is usually the definition that comes to mind when speaking of the

word truth. As stated above, scientific truth deals with reason. When a mother says to

her son, ? Is that a lie or you telling me the truth? ? The mother is wanting to know the

empirical truth. If someone says that it is windy outside, the most common thing for a

person to do is go outside or look through a window to see if it is windy. If the leaves are

falling and the trees are swaying the conclusion is that, that person has made an accurate

proposition, or was telling the truth. Empirical truth can be proven or disproved.

Philosophical truth is usually an individual?s or group?s theory about the truth. For

example, the Jewish faith claims Jesus was not the messiah, the Catholics say he was. This

is a fact that can not be empirically proven or disproved. When we ask a person how they

feel we are expecting that they will give us a truthful answer. The person could be lying

intentionally or unintentionally, assuming that this particular person is the only one that

can answer this certain question, we have no way of verifying the answer. The only

person that can say the answer is a lie is the person lying. Some people may think the

meaning of life is to wear purple socks, no one can prove nor disprove that theory.

In conclusion, I know that both are real truths. None of the above truths,

empirical nor philosophical, are more important that the other. One kind of truth may

hold more value for some people than others. Truth is a matter of perspective.

Works Citied

?Truth.? The Oxford Color Dictionary and Thesarus. 1996.

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