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Khufu Essay, Research Paper

Around 2610 B.C., the king of Egypt, Sneferu, had

his first son, Khufu. Khufu ruled from 2589-2528

B.C. While he ruled, he decided to build a great

structureto honor him after his death.When it was

finished, it would have covered 7 city blocks. While

Khufu ruled, he had a son named Khafre. Khafre

was also known as Rakhaef or Chepren. Once

became king, he decided to fallow in his father?s

footsteps. His pyramid was made from 2520-2494.

He built the second largest pyramid in Giza and the

world. About twenty years before he died, he had

a son. He named him Menkaure. Menkaure was also

known as Mecerinus. He is Khufu?s son and Khafre?s

grandson. He was the king of the smallest pyramids

of Giza. Many artifacts and valuable treasures

have been found in the pyramids and all of them

and are over 4000 years old.

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