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Why The Kids Won’t Recycle

There are a few reasons why kids don’t think too highly of recycling. The first reason, haunting most of us, is the fact that we are lazy. Most kids will just throw their garbage away in the nearest garbage, no matter what it happens to be for. Another problem is that the paper recycling bins have the largest opening. This leaves the bin wide open for a nine foot jump shot with a can of soda. The third problem is that some kids feel they need to be rebels. They will go out of their way in order to make more work for others.

There is one simple solution to the problems with contaminated paper bins. This is to make a cover for the bin with a slot in it only big enough to stick sheets of paper in it. The only possible way to get anything else into the bin is to take off the cover, which would be somehow locked on. Following, is what the design should look like.

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