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A-Bomb Essay, Research Paper

Dear Editor Chris Satullo,

I am writing to you on the topic of whether or not we should have dropped the atomic bomb on Japan in World War Two.

My beliefs on this subject are very strong. I am deffintely in favor of the atomic bomb being dropped on Japan. Thus ending the war between the Allies and Japan. I believe it was the most effiecent way of dealing with Japan. Our two major options were to: ONE: actualy go into japan and fight hand to hand combat, or TWO: warn Japan of what we have, and if they still didn’t give up we bomb them.

If we went into Japan to fight, it wouldn’t have been so pretty. Many of men would have died or would have been seriuosly injured, estimated about five hundred thousand to one million. Also there would have been a huge demand for artillary and ammo, for the hand to hand combat. Acomping them would have been tanks, cannons, and many military vehicles. These costs would have ranged from millions of dollars.

The other choice was more efficent on saving lives and money. This choice was to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. The US had three bombs one they tested out in the mid-west. The second was planned to be used on Hiroshima. And if Japan still did not surrender to stopping the war with the allies, the allies would drop the other, on another city called Nagasaki. The advantages of the dropping of the bomb was, the costs. All three bombs easily would have costed less than the costs, of if they would have fought in Japan hand to hand combat.

Overall, the dropping of the bombs was the most effiecent and economical choice that the allies made to drop the bombs.

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