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Storage Technologies Essay, Research Paper

Summary of findings about

Innovations in Magnetic and Optical storage systems.

Using Nanotechnology scientists ar Rice University have been able to store 10 billion gigabytes of data on physical storage small enough to fit into a small vial. The story appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer. The idea of all the books on and bookshelf (and yours, and yours, and yours … in fact, all the books we could ever want to read) stored inside the stylus of a little device is pretty exciting.

The complete story is at:


Some readers of the article commented:

(Since this is not a technical course, we could describe some sci-fi possibilities of

the device) ?

- ?Well, if it’s that small, you could just implant it under your skin. Kinda hard to steal that, eh??

- ?If they become as cheap as they claim in the article, you could have ten copies of your library. It wouldn’t matter then if one was stolen.?

-?Since they are nanotechnology, would it be possible to inject them into your bloodstream? Then you would never lose your information. Except for the prospect of having a mosquito run off with a few critical bits of your data.?


Several people wrote with the news burst from IBM annoucing a “storage breakthrough”. Details are still forthcoming, but the advance will says it will be possible for computers to “store data 1,000 faster then they can now”, however the actual usage of the product is some years out.

The complete article is at:




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