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In the book, Ransom, by Lois Duncan, five students were riding home from school on the school bus with who they thought was a substitute bus driver. The driver dropped off a couple kids and then met his partner at the side of a road and they put the five kids they kidnapped in their car and took them to a cabin and locked them in a storeroom where they then held them ransom because the kidnappers think everyone in their neighborhood have a lot of money but one of the families doesn’t.

The people held the kids ransom for $15,000 each. The 5 kids, Dexter, Glenn, Jesse, Bruce and Marianne, escaped from the cabin but one of the kidnappers shot Dexter in the shoulder and Jesse and Marianne ran to help him and Glenn and Bruce got away. Later Glenn came back with the police and one of the parents and all the kids got to go home and they all lived happily ever after.

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