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Korean Pollution Essay, Research Paper

Deadly particles are circulating within our air supply. They are ?the most life threatening for of air pollution.? These are tiny particles of soot and other matter released from diesel engines in lorries, buses, and coaches. They are believed to have played a role in the premature deaths of 8,000 people. Other pollutants known as GMM?s are causing such damage. GMM?s are genetically modified micro-organisms. These micro-organisms are released from factories and laboratories and go into the atmosphere, and water supplies. They are most life threatening to elderly, and already ill people. (McCarthy 1)

Large clouds of these particles were originally believed to originate in Britain, but studies show now that they may also originate in continental Europe. These large clouds drift across the English Channel, and into the North Sea., thus contaminating the sea. Some of the main pollutants are as follows: Benzene, 1,2-butadiene, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide. There have been different goals set to lower the amount of these pollutants, however some aren?t expected to be decreased until 2008. In this time many lives may be lost prematurely.

England, who is still believed to be the primary contributor of such toxins is planning to take action, but slowly, still maintaining that cleaning these pollutants is ?unachievable, even if every engine on British roads was turned off.? We believe that this is more harmful than Britain realizes, and more action

must be taken. Such pollutants may kill animals, and lower the food supply,

especially fish in the North Sea. More time and money must be dedicated to the immediate removal of such contaminants, and new emissions standards should be set. We would like the UN to set aside money, for the sole purpose of cleaning up the North Sea, and eliminating some of these GMM?s and other such toxins. Such damage to the environment can be felt globally and is a huge issue. (McCarthy 1)

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