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A Tale Of Two Cities

Author: Charles Dickens

Central Character: I think that the central character of the story is Charles Darnay. While Sydney Carton is another likely central

character, the plot falls into place around Charles. Charles Darnay is the nephew of the Monseigneur Evremonde, but despises life in

luxury. He is often being tried for treason, and is always aquitted. After Dr. Manette and his daughter Lucie attend one of his trials, he

falls in love with her. After a while, they marry, have a daughter and a son, of which the boy dies. Charles is a kind man, one who

loves his family, his life, and just people in general, which is why what happens to him at the end of the book is so ironic.

Other Characters: Sydney Carton-A good natured, ready to please man. He exists to make other people happy, and shows this by

giving his life for Charles Darnay?s. Lucy Darnay (Manette)-The wife of Charles, and the daughter of Dr. Manette, Lucy is gentle,

delicate, and caring. She escapes with her husband, father and son at the height of the Revolution. Dr. Manette-Got out of prison at the

beginning of the story. Mentally unstable and likes to make shoes. Mr. Lorry- Works at Tellsons Bank. Is a loyal friend, and cares

about the family. The Defarges- Helped start the Revolution. They have a deep hatred of anything resembling authority. Are

instrumental in trying to get Charles killed.

Setting: Paris and London in the 1700?s.

Narrator: Third-person ommipotent

Events: 1.) The Dr. is released from prison. 2.) The DeFarges shelter thr Dr. 3.) Sydney Carton gets Charles off for treason. 4.)

Monseigneur runs over Gaspard?s child. 5.) The Monseigneur is killed. 6.) Charles asks for Lucy?s hand in marriage. 7.) Gaspard is

hung for killing the Monseigneur. 7.) The Bastille is stormed, and DeFarge searches the Dr.?s room. 8.) The Revolution begins. 8.)

Charles is captured when he goes to Paris. 9.) He is tried for treason and found guilty. Sentenced to die. 10.) Sydney Carton takes

Charles place and dies for him.

Tone: Critical of the abuse of authority, and the way that correction can go to far. Dislikes the Revolution.

Style: Vivid imagery, with many allusions to the sea, the sun, or blood.

Irony: The Revolution was started to help the people, yet the Revolution is worse than th original state of affairs.

The fact that Charles, who loved everybody was sentenced to die at the end. Mrs. DeFarge was thought of as an angel, which is far

from the truth.

Theme: Do not abuse power.

Symbols: The sea, the sun, blood, the grindstone, Lucy as the golden thread.

Evaluation: This is an excellent piece of literature. While iy may not be as exciting as some novels, it?s still a good story with an

intriguing plot. But it is doubtful that this will be read out of school.

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