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From: Hassan Nasim Janjua

That life is not fair is a common complaint that we all know is frequently heard. Consider a

situation that seems grossly unjust. Explain the reasons and propose a solution for the

situation you describe.

Life is something which God has given us, in this fast world every person has its own life

and some of them are enjoying; some of them are not enjoying. We all know that it?s a common

complaint that life is not fair. Yes, sometime life is not fair but sometime it is fair. It all depends

upon the situation. If a person is in good and fair situation and every thing in his life is happening

positively he will definitely say that life is very fair with me and I am enjoying my self. On the

other hand there is a person who is very poor and he can not afford a good house, food and

stylish cloths for himself and his family. He will say that the life is not fair with me and I am upset

with my living. So there are a lot of reason for this common complaint; that life is not fair.

I have an other example of life that if a person gets into the situation, in which he is completely

innocent, but at last he was hanged. So from this we can say that life is unfair with him. Life

depends upon situation, reasons, thoughts and other relation in the world.

World is the place where everybody in living, but everybody in this world has its own

culture, own standard of living, own ideas and values. Talking about the world there are some

countries which are very poor lets take the example of Pakistan. In Pakistan a pay of normal

person is RS. 5000 per month which is equal to $90 US dollars. So there is question that he is

enjoying himself or not. What I think is he is not enjoying. On the other hand there is person who

is getting $5000, he is enjoying because it is enough for his living. So the point I want to clear is

that fairness of life depend where you stand. God has given us life now it depend on us that we

want to make life fair or unfair. If your life is not fair here go to other place, try to work hard. .

Try to win the race of the world. I know it is not easy to jump in a moving train but we should


There was a man in a village. He was a very good farmer, and he used to work very hard

to earn his living. He was very happy with himself and his way of living. He had two daughters

and a wife. All of them were enjoying their life. But was a person who was gangster of the village

he was bad guy. He spend more than three years in jail. He fall in love with one of the daughter of

the farmer. Farmer was very upset with situation of life. He did not want her daughter to marry

him as he was a bad person. At last he went to the police and asked them to arrest the bad guy but

police was afraid of him. They can?t, so when bad guy came to know that the farmer went to the

police. He put farmer in such situation that farmer was arrested and thrown in the prison. Bad guy

raped his daughter. And when the farmer came out of the jail, everything was out of his hands.

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